Queue Management Counter Display

Queue Management Counter Display

Passenger flow is an indispensable data in management and decision-making of public places such as shopping malls, chain stores, airports, stations, museums, exhibitions and so on. For the retail industry, the passenger flow is a very basic index, which is directly proportional to the sales volume. Every customer is not only the carrier of money, but also the potential purchaser of goods. Studying the law of passenger flow can increase the sales opportunities, turn the viewer into the shopper, and maximize the excavation of shopping malls and shops. Sales potential, increase sales, enhance profitability.
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To enable consumers to buy and use with confidence, we conduct a complete series of strict tests on all parts of the Passenger Counting software, wireless people counter, Mobile NVR, and strictly control every detail. We strictly abide by the ethics of corporate citizenship, adhere to law-abiding business operations, and earnestly fulfill our commitment to fair operations. Our company cooperates with many domestic furniture companies with advanced technology and professional standards, we continue to carry out technical transformation, improve production conditions, strengthen internal management and improve product quality. Through continuous progress, innovation, and development, our company has made our products the trusted choice of users with good performance, reasonable prices and considerate services! We are committed to achieve the overall goal of optimizing corporate resources and enhancing corporate competitiveness by combining computer technology, information technology and management ideas.

What will Shopping Mall Benifit from Video People Counting?

With the help of passenger flow analysis, lots of benifitial ideas will be help shopping mall directors to make smart and correct decision. 

1. the change of passenger flow and the analysis of operation decision: Real-time acquisition of the number of people in and out of shopping malls, the number of people detained in different regions, the average customer detention time, the distribution of passenger flow on different floors and so on, combined with POS system, can calculate the commodity turnover rate, average unit price of passengers and other important indicators.

2. through the number of detainees and the time spent per capita, we can analyze whether the time spent by customers is reasonable. Through the average time spent by customers in different areas provided by the passenger flow analysis and decision-making system, we can divert and channel the internal passenger flow in the shopping mall to ensure that customers can shop happily within the time limit of fatigue, and then improve the shopping mall. Overall benefit and average unit sales.

3. Provide data basis for the management of shopping malls: According to the proportion of passenger flow in different channels of shopping malls and the change of busy period of shopping malls, the area and time of promotional activities can be flexibly adjusted.

4. Establish long-term valid passenger flow data, and compare the transverse passenger flow in special periods and holidays at the same time. Only by comparing the long-term valid passenger flow data in special periods (days, weeks, years, holidays, store festivals) can we find out the subtle changes of passenger flow for store managers.

5. Evaluate marketing and promotional activities effectively through passenger flow statistics: different business units have different market positioning, business environment, competitive environment and promotional activities arrangement, but they can draw lessons from the change of passenger flow and the corresponding analysis of the relationship between sales volume and turnover rate in the process of operation and management. The advantages and disadvantages are summarized.

6. Combining with the weather, we can understand the impact of weather change on passenger flow: the average consumption amount per capita and per capita detention time of shopping malls are relatively stable, but in the case of rainy climate, we can find that the passenger flow at this time is higher than the average.

7. Comparing the passenger flow among different branches within the group: Establishing a multi-level passenger flow index for passenger flow analysis and management can compare the passenger flow in different areas of the same city, and also can compare the passenger flow in different cities.

8. Establishment of business circle and regional passenger flow index: After installing passenger flow analysis system for most shopping malls in the same business circle, the passenger flow index of a business circle or a certain area can be established. For malls with less than average passenger flow, the commodity structure can be adjusted timely or the promotion intensity can be increased.

Ninth, through the statistics of passenger flow, we can adjust the rationality of the setting of access channels: providing the passenger flow of different floors to the operators, so that the storey floor managers can fully understand the passenger flow changes of the floors they manage.

10. According to the change of passenger flow, property management can be effectively allocated, operating costs can be reduced, service quality and service efficiency can be improved.

11. Change of passenger flow and VIP management: According to the total number and amount of consumption of VIP members, we can know the proportion of VIP in total passenger flow, the proportion of VIP consumption in total sales, the consumption power of VIP and the consumption power of ordinary customers.

12. Predict the passenger flow ahead of time during peak period of passenger flow: Predict the change of passenger flow in advance, the statistics of passenger flow and the change of the number of people staying in shopping malls, so as to know the passenger flow density at any time, restrict the supernormal passenger flow to a certain extent, and prevent the occurrence of unexpected safety incidents.

3D Video People Counter

Intelligent video binocular video people counter is different from traditional single-lens video passenger counting solution, including the obvious algorithm and hardware, the binocular people counting "head counting" is more accurate, mainly in the following aspects:

3D Stereo Video Binocular Passenger Counter is mainly installed in the entrance and exit, corridors, floors and other areas for statistical analysis, and take corresponding management measures for the changes and characteristics of passenger flow.

(1) based on the daily data, the statistics of the passenger flow at the inlet is divided into three types: Ordinary Day weekend, golden, and the growth of passenger flow Each period of time in different dates is expected.

(2) when the passenger flow is not up to the standard of the shopping mall, the managers of shopping malls can organize some activities according to the time of the peak passenger flow. The journal, such as sales promotion During off-duty hours, and attract a large number of the workeRS enter the mall for consumption.

(3) by the passenger flow forecast of holiday shopping, if has the data of passenger flow of feast days, the decision maker can make thorough analysis fuzzy expected value, Ted. This year, the per passenger, and outlook, do good plan to prevent the need from time to time in tele.

The analysis of passenger flow between floors 

(4) shows that the patterns of different roles, the passenger flow distribution is also different. Through statistical analysis, it can be indirect inference The combination of choice for most consumers.

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Passenger flow analysis is a very important means of market research, especially the key link that must be carried out before commercial enterprises make business analysis and management decisions. Many shopping malls believe that the daily customer flow can also be obtained from sales data, but here is one thing that can be sure that the customer flow and sales data are two distinct data, often based on experience and sales data to get incomplete fragment data, never reach the operator's needs. In the face of business decision-making, it is obvious that the reference value is quite limited.
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