Intelligent Buses Washing Machine/Rollover Truck Wash Systems with Three Soft Brushes

Intelligent Buses Washing Machine/Rollover Truck Wash Systems with Three Soft Brushes

Easy to place and get exact visitors or customer numbers in one IPC cameras.Binocular Cameras technology promise over 90% accuracy for heavy passenger flow in the shopping mall or hot stores. Valid evidence and data to show realtime numbers to improve service and sales.
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Product Details

Over the years, the camera fisheye, Surveillance camera, People Counter produced by our company has been favored by users and merchants and become their preferred equipment to replace imports. As we bear in our mind that innovation is essential to our growth, new product development is constantly. We'll initiate the second phase of our development strategy. We look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with you in the near future. Our long heritage of several years has enabled us to change with time, offering quality products by means that are convenient to you.

Interview of Shopping Mall People Counter

This IPC stype video people counter adopts binocular 3D technology to restore intelligent statistics algorithm. It can effectively and effectively count the number of people in the target area in real time, and analyze and count the crowd traffic in the designated range. In any case the accuracy can be as high as 98%. The binocular camera can be installed separately, and it can also be used in the situation where the number of people need to be used. The specific implementation plan depends on the situation.


Shopping Mall, Store, exhibition hall, public outlets, airports, stations / subway stations, passageways, passenger ships, entertainment places, telecommunications business hall, elevators, senior communities, tourist attractions and so on, depending on circumstances.

Main Features

The VPC-S1 binocular count instrument is a small and precise device based on the embedded products of non - contact binocular stereo vision technology. Using two cameras to capture images at the same time, accurate counting, accurately distinguish people, passenger flow estimation accuracy is as high as 98% or more, in a complex scenario: the light changes, the sun, the shadow, with many people to reverse, interspersed, crowded, bald, white hair, wearing a hat can be under the condition of accurate statistics of passenger number, resistance interference from light glare limit.

Cameras can be easily installed in walls, ceilings, and other places. The binocular camera (Binocular Stereo Camera, BSC) to capture the video image, after analysis of all objects in the image of the height, shape, direction, the number of people to judge the exact direction and import, and superposition of date and time (or longitude / latitude / speed), generating a record. The built-in infrared LED lamp of the binocular camera can adapt to any light environment, even if it is completely black. The record of the number of imports and exports can be transmitted in real time through RS485 and TCP/IP, and can also be downloaded with the U disk. The built-in independent digital I/O ports can be connected to other equipment or switch doors.

Therefore, the performance and effects of our Intelligent Buses Washing Machine/Rollover Truck Wash Systems with Three Soft Brushes is not inferior to imported product. While expanding the domestic market, we aim at the international market. Our company aims to achieve customer needs and continuous innovation and pursue win-win cooperation with customers.
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High Accuracy with Lower Cost, Plug-Usage.


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