Two-door Bus People Counter

Two-door Bus People Counter

Double Doors Bus Passenger Counter can provide high accuracy to obtain passenger data from most of buses and coaches. It can obtain ON/OFF passenger counting numbers in both doors for specific time and station.
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Product Details

Counter Model: BPC-V1

Optional : 3G, GPS

Lens: 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 4mm, 6mm

Working Height:  180cm-300cm

2Door People Counter Introduce

    Dobule Doors Bus People Counter is advanced device basing on the most reliable stereoscopic vision technology. It is specifically designed for transit people counting above the entrance of buses and trains. The head counting system adapted vehicle level chips to meet 7*24 working in complexed buses environment.

    Bus Passenger Counting System is designed for transit bus fleets to obtain real-time and accurate passenger quantity information. It includes: Bus Passenger Counter, Binocular Cameras and IPAS Reporter 2.0 (Intelligent Passenger Analysis System). Double doors bus passenger counter come with 2 binocular cameras for 2 door bus.

How it Count People?

    Bus people counter will analyses the object height, shape and direction passing the entrance. If it judge this object as a person entering or leaving, occupacy counters will generate a valid record along with time and date. Binocular cameras can capture effective images of the aobject in day or night with IR lamps. Binocular passenger cameras also support flexiable installation above the doors.

    People Counting data can transfer to 3G Mobile DVR and GPS tracker via an RS-485, RS232, TCP/IP, USB disk. While digital I/O interfaces communicated with door signal system, counter can keep high accuracy anytime. For example, stop counting when the doors are closed, it will prevent lots of repeat counting if passengers stand under the cameras when busy time.

    Bus People Counting System Illustration

Working Places

    Buses and Subways, Truck, Ships, Railway Station, Bus Station, Passenger Stations, Airports, Supermarkets, Sores and shopping Malls, Hotels, Entertainment, Museums, Galleries, Schools, libraries, the Exhibition,Hall, Stadium, City Square and Park.

High Accuracy

    Watchdog people counting cameras technology is the best solution to obtain the reliable accuracy counting numbers. Especially in special bus environment, it can offer 98% working accuracy for passing passengers. And it also adopts many useful options to fit for changing buses requirements and environment, and different passenger customs and behaviors.

Professional Hardware- M2M Level Solution

    Different from others' store solutions which often fail to work normally in special bus environment, our bus passenger counter adopt the most accurate 3D binocular solution to meet bus fleet directors' demands on real accuracy (> 97%). The hardware choose "first rank" design and chips, so the system can run normally for 7*24, high vibration, EMC, unstable current and wireless network.

Smart Reporter-IPAS 2.0

    IPAS reporter 2.0 will offer customers rich accurate station identification, real-time traffic, summary reports and others. Accurate records with specific arrival time, specific vehicle, empty rate and so on. More professional data is to evaluate benefited of stops location, bus interval, and vehicle cost and personnel management.

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Main Features: •The best 3D binocular cameras solution •Real accuracy in the bus is better than 98% •Support all kinds of bus with especially short door •Separate design for better repair and extension and integration •Top rank craft with low failure rate •Transmission Resume in poor wireless network •Remote configuration and upgrade •Associated with door sensor to decrease mistakes •Open SDK,integrate most of famous MDVR factories in China •M2M level 3G and GPS chips, fast response and stable signal •Support SD cards backup •Others


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