Smart Retail Store Footfall Counter Camera

Smart Retail Store Footfall Counter Camera

Businesses stores and government can use the footfall traffic data to assess their sales performance against the footfall in the store or street or the city and the people counting system helps them make business decisions such as opening hours and staffing levels at different times
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Footfall counter data is so important to be able to measure the performance and success of a place. The intelligence is also used to influence future plans and initiatives in the city centre. Reamol video people counters for retailing have enabled the managers to compare visiting figures and detect any emerging patterns across the past years, as well as comparing data with the other poistions easily with our iFootfall Analytics platform.


Importance of passenger traffic statistics :

  • Monitor and evaluate importance and layout every entrance

  • Evaluate distribution of every area or floor in store or shopping mall

  • Statistics of attractiveness and popularity of each region;

  • Evaluate marketing and promotion effectiveness;

  • Effectively distributes guard and marketing personnel.

  • Monitor sales conversion and turn in conversion

  • Evaluate service quality of shopping malls can be improved.

  •  Improve marketing and promotion and create more deals;

  • Calculated average consumption capacity of passengers.

  • Determined a reasonable rent price by traffic

  • Evaluate and optimize advertising and promotion budget;

  • Adjust the best open-close time;

People Counter Specifications


Installation on Wide Entrance


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