Park Visitors Traffic Monitoring System

Park Visitors Traffic Monitoring System

Online booking system and people counting system help park to protect visitors influent by CVIOD-19 virus easily. The valid actions help parks and tourism get recovered from the damage of virus.
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In order to control CVOID-19 virus in visitors in parks,  governmenet require valid reservations to limit live visitor traffic in the park. The online booking system and video people counter system help park managers to control passengers flow in the entrance and each region, remote collaboration and dredging, and civilized garden advocacy have achieved low-level operation of holiday visitors during epidemic prevention and control When visiting the park in a safe and orderly manner, citizens and tourists have a good sense of experience and a safe distance during the park tour. At the same time, they should pay attention to wearing masks and protection.


People Counter Functions

ü Identify passenger in and out numbers.

ü Multiple people counting at the same time.

ü Detect entering or leaving customers traffic at the same time.

ü Count two-way access customers

ü Ignore special counts if customers stay for a long time.

ü Each floor should be counted separately.

ü All statistics of passenger traffic are visually displayed by charts.

ü Support cloud platform and mobile phone visit

ü Summarize hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, floor traffic 

ü Local server deployment for data security

ü 10 years record backup in the device

ü Data can be resumed or uploaded to server if network loss.

New People Counter Specifications

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