Coach And Subway Binocular Video People Counter

Coach And Subway Binocular Video People Counter

Reamol Binocular People Counter for public transit buses and other vehicles will offer the best accuracy counting result to prohabit ticket fraud and offer the reliable passenger traffic data to analysis, then bus company can enjoy the top efficiency on bus dispatching and higher occupancy.
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Public transport status:

Due to the rapid development of economy and the improvement of people's living standards, urban traffic is bearing more and more pressure, which has been unable to meet the requirements of urban modernization development. Traffic tension has become the primary concern of all traffic departments. The most effective way to solve this problem is to combine real-time optimal scheduling with long-term planning and layout. Among them, real-time optimal scheduling is to use the existing traffic resources, through information management means, to carry out real-time vehicle scheduling and route optimization; long-term planning and layout is to fully consider the future traffic load and reasonable planning and design when new roads are built. All of these need the data support of the existing public transport passenger traffic, so the passenger traffic statistical system becomes the necessary basic means to alleviate the traffic tension.


Problems of current bus passenger counting system:

At present, most of the mainstream passenger traffic statistical systems have some problems, such as low detection accuracy, especially in densely populated areas; data mining analysis is not enough to provide more decision-making information for user departments, and so on. Therefore, at this stage, China's intelligent transportation field urgently needs a set of high-precision, comprehensive and in-depth passenger traffic detection and statistics system.


System overview:

The system "vehicle video passenger traffic counting and detecting system based on depth video recognition technology", mainly through the collection of video images, online extraction of the head feature parameters of the dense crowd within the specified range of video scene (including the time and space range), dynamic tracking of moving objects, analysis of object features and recognition, to achieve the counting output of the dense crowd, and data transmission to the upper level through the network Computer, the upper computer software for data storage, statistics, analysis, internal network sharing data, external data release.


System architecture diagram:



Functional features:

Statistics of passenger traffic distribution in different periods and sections

Count the full load rate of the vehicle and the average passenger distance, etc

Calculate the average waiting time of passengers and the degree of congestion in the vehicle

Calculation direction unbalanced coefficient, etc

Auxiliary optimized route scheme and driving scheme


Benefits of the system:

1. The fraud in the charging process is prevented to the greatest extent, the loss of ticket money is reduced, and the economic benefit of the public transportation system is improved.

2. The modern level of ticket management and passenger transport plan has been improved, and the dynamic management of ticket passengers has been realized.

3. It can obtain the operation data timely and accurately, effectively reduce the difficulty of cash management, and control the illegal capital loss.

4. Strengthen the management of public transport enterprises and enhance the drivers' sense of responsibility.

5. By recording the passenger traffic in different periods of time, it can help the public transport company to accurately understand the change trend of passenger traffic, so as to make a reasonable driving plan according to the passenger traffic, improve the working efficiency and reduce unnecessary resource waste through reasonable resource allocation. With the development of economy, public transportation often faces fierce competition. Taking advanced management measures, strengthening the professionalism of front-line staff, strictly blocking the loss of tickets and improving the operation efficiency can help the public transport companies greatly increase their competitiveness.

Specifications of BPC

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