Clothing Retails People Counter

Clothing Retails People Counter

With Watchdog Electronics 3D Store People Counter and i-Store Data Analytics system, managers can easily understand where is to improve to increase deals and how to attract more vistors. Therefore deals will raise fastly.
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It's common for people who open stores to talk about "passenger flow". Waht we talk about passenger flow for stores, related to passenger flow and convertion rate.

In clothing retail companies, the most discussed and studied is the passenger flow. The first item of the weekly meeting is the business leaders report the sales data of the store in the past week. How about the ring, how about the year-on-year, whether the passenger flow has increased or decreased? Then analyze the reasons behind the increase and decrease of sales and passenger flow, and find out the countermeasures and improvement strategies.

At present, cosmetics stores are facing the challenge of passenger flow diversion. Although cosmetics storekeepers can see from the data that passenger flow has run away, they are confused about which passenger flow has run away, why and where.

From the formula of sales= passenger flow * turnover rate * unit price, we can see that the performance of a store is good or bad. The passenger flow is the basis, there is no passenger flow, everything is empty talk. Therefore, it can be said that passenger flow is the lifeblood of stores, the competition between stores, in the final analysis, is the competition of passenger flow.

A seemingly simple "passenger traffic" index can reflect the systemic problems of a store. Behind the passenger traffic data, the test is often whether the stores can provide high-quality products and services, whether they are close to consumers, whether they can communicate and interact with consumers in a way that consumers like to hear and see, more attentive, more intelligent and faster. The deeper test is the supply chain, purchasing voice and product organization ability of the stores.

The core of store operation - people, goods, market, logistics, information, expansion, procurement, marketing promotion, any link, directly or indirectly affects the flow of customers in a store is like clouds or the door is cold. With Watchdog Electronics 3D Store People Counter and i-Store Data Analytics system, managers can easily understand where is to improve to increase deals and how to attract more vistors. Therefore deals will raise fastly. 

Reamol customer traffic counting system is a high accuracy equipment based on binocular stereo vision technology. It can offer reliable data for smart decision to prevent waste and lose during peak time, also help find new profit market and monitor & evaluate marketing and campaign effect. This equipment is specially designed for people-intensive areas, especially super market, hot stores, shopping malls, public venues and scenic spots. 


The installation of customer counter system is flexible and convenient, and the 270degree bracket can be adjusted flexibly according to most of real environment, so it is suitable for installation in various locations and non-horizontal surfaces. Stereo vision camera can effectively distinguish baggage, backpack and human body, filter invalid counts such as children. The system is equipped with high-brightness infrared LED, which can work in various brightness environments, even in all-black places.


Visitor counting system can be easily adjusted to adapt to the application and installation: group of counters can be connected in parallel to achieve simultaneous real-time monitoring of the entrance and exit;  it can also be installed at an entrance with a number of equipment to achieve ultra-wide entrance detection.

Passenger traffic is an essential data for management and decision-making in public places such as shopping malls, shopping centers, chain stores, airports, stations, museums, and exhibition halls. For the retail and chains, passenger traffic is a very basic indicator. Due to its direct relationship with sales volume, people have paid attention to passenger traffic statistics for a long time.


Passenger flow is significant for retail and stores too, passenger flow means popularity. High popularity has a purchase rate, research on traffic patterns, can increase sales opportunities, turn passenger flow into shoppers, maximize the sales potential of shopping malls, and increase profits.


Reamol video people counter is an important and reliable measurement tool. With 98% accurate data, you can not only get the complete running status of your mall, shopping center, museum or airport, and carry out effective organization and operation work.


Importance of passenger traffic statistics :

ü Monitor and evaluate importance and layout every entrance

ü Evaluate distribution of every area or floor in store or shopping mall

ü Statistics of attractiveness and popularity of each region;

ü Evaluate marketing and promotion effectiveness;

ü Effectively distributes guard and marketing personnel.

ü Monitor sales conversion and turn in conversion

ü Evaluate service quality of shopping malls can be improved.

ü Improve marketing and promotion and create more deals;

ü Calculated average consumption capacity of passengers.

ü Determined a reasonable rent price by traffic

ü Evaluate and optimize advertising and promotion budget;

ü Adjust the best open-close time;

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