China 3D Bus Wireless Video People Counter

China 3D Bus Wireless Video People Counter

Top auto video passenger counter for bus, train and others. With 1-2 binocular cameras for one door or two doors buses, the video passenger counter can distinguish every passengers correctly. Rich experience in thousands of buses people counting system, reamol smart video people counter can get the top accuracy up to 98%.
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People Counter Description

Description: The top Auto Passenger Counter for Bus, Train and others. Through one or more 3D binocular cameras, the passenger counter can distinguish 25 moving objects at the same time. Through thousands of error data models, the people counter can get the top accuracy up to 98%.


? High precision counting accuracy (> 98%)
? Robust, lightweight and reliable
? Stereoscopic video cameras
? Built-in IR LED lighting
? Reliable operations in any type of lighting condition (even in complete darkness)
? Adaptability: Effectively distinguish bidirectional, shoulder to shoulder, retention,
? Wandering, luggage, etc.
? Rich API interface, easy to secondary development,
? Single machine can detect the door less than 120cm for width
? Multiple devices cannot be connected in series
? Four interfaces, easy to use Independent 6 I/O control
? Interface User friendly
? Configuration software
? DSP embedded, independent operation
? Extended temperature ranges
? Low power consumption
? Used in step bus environment


Reamol classic bus video people counter is a compact and autonomous device built-in developed basing on non-contact stereoscopic vision technology. It is specifically designed for people counting above the doorways of buses and trains; It can also be used to count people as they enter or leave buildings or any area with restricted access, it can be easily mounted in the ceiling space above a doorway.

The bus passenger counters analyses the height, shape and direction of any objects that are passing the field of view. If it is determined that the object is a person entering or leaving, according to the incoming and outgoing, counters are incremented along with time and date information. Special stereo cameras capture images of the area below the device and thanks to the integrated high luminosity infrared LED can operate in any type of lighting condition, even in complete darkness.

Data transfer is possible via an RS-485, RS232, TCP/IP, USB dish. While the Integrated isolated digital I/O interfaces can be used to directly communicate with intelligent doors or flow control systems, guaranteeing correct functionality all times, for example, stop counting when the doors are closed. If the DVR connected by can mark the video when someone through, facilitate later retrieval, which can compensate precision insufficient


Buses and subways, truck, ships, Railway station, Bus station, Passenger Stations, Airports, Supermarkets, Sores and shopping Malls, Hotels, Entertainment, Museums, galleries, schools, libraries, the exhibition, Hall, Stadium, City Square and Park.


-Stereoscopic cameras: 126× 50× 49mm(L× W× H)
-People counter: 154× 120× 45 mm (L× W× H)


-Power input: DC12/24V (8-36V wide voltage input)
-Stereoscopic cameras consumption: ≤ 3W
-People counter consumption: : ≤ 5W


-RS-485× 1
-RS232× 1
-RJ-45× 1
-USB1.1× 2
-Digital isolating switch GPI/O(4+2)


-MTBF: > 40000 hours
-Working temperature range: -25~+55
-Relative humidity: 10% ~ 90% no condensation

-Heat: Inactive cooling, heat using passive structure

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