People Counting Mobile DVR Platform

People Counting Mobile DVR Platform

The new intelligence Video and Vehicle Management System is dedicated for 1080P Mobile DVR and bus people counter Mobile DVR. Users can get realtime image and automatic people counter data in the platform easily.
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Product Details

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Main features:

1.Special for China National Standard Platform, in accordance with JT/T 808、JT/T 809 department standard

2.Stabilization creats excellence

3.Various of connecting choice

4.Opening system, convenient to extend

5.Multiple report function

6.Intelligent application development

7.New media advertising business development

8.Realize data interaction among people, vehicles, location and business district, build the operational IOV eco-system.

Bus schedule system Home Bus schedule system

Operation safety problem

Illegal driving: speeding, rapid acceleration, sharp turn and other behaviors seriously affect passengers' safety. Abnormal events: Accident happened in the conditions like doors open when moving, passengers squeezed by backdoor, vehicles start moving before passngers off board, ets. Emergencies: When extreme action like arson and explosion on buses happen, collecting integrated evidence becomes important. Vehicle break down: when vehicles break down, the on-time reporting is necessary to avoid accidents. All of these caused by the absence of efficient monitor and management on the vehicles and divers.Not to say efficient performance evaluation for drivers and steward.

Daily operation problems

Station broadcasting path: automatic station broadcasting is necessary for some complicated lines like ring and U shape.Equipment maintainance: if time for replace and mainten equipment is too long,it will influence the normal operation of vehicles. Video play: non-HD can no longer meet the requirements of various evidence collecting. Vehicle schedule: complicated operation is much inconvenient than switching with one button. Scientific scheduling: scientific analysis and modeling can to solve the problem of high error rate and schedule shift in a reasonable way.

Overview of the bus monitoring system

Intelligent bus dispatch management system engineer theory is the advance public transportation management system combined by vehicle positioning technology, geographic information system technology, bus operation optimization technology, computer network technology, database technology, 3G/4G communication technology, electronic technology, smart card technology and other advanced technology. It is necessary for bus enterprises to improve the operation and schedule level. The overall system specification follows: unified platform, unified planning, one center, multi-level application.

Perfect bus monitoring system

The system is consist of 2 main parts: 1. Mobile DVR monitoring system & communication routing;2. Monitor and management platform, MDVR system includes: MDVR, monitor camera, monitor head, station broadcasting device, alarm device, LCD monitor, GPS, etc When the drive start the vehicle, MDVR monitoring system begin working: the camera collect the information inside the vehicle, then the information will be compression and saved in the MDVR. When arrived destination, operation center can get the information by updating the storage device or download the video from the platform. The terminal managing stuff can check the information thrugh playback soft ware.

Features for bus solution

1.System stability and reliability are high.

2.High modularity: the system adopts modular design and production, GPS module, GPRS communication module, voice module, etc. All modules are completely independent.

3.High accuracy automatically station broadcasting: in view of the business application in bus industry, adopt unique algorithm and data processing method, using the GPS data, realize accurate station broadcasting that met the requirement of the bus operation.

4.Security and reliability of data storage

5.Power protection function: the power supply that specially designed for buses, it has multiple protection function, ensures the system is stable and reliable.

6.Environmental adaptation ability: MDVR adapts different environment well and shields electromagnetic well, it can adapt to complex natural environment and electrical environment;

7.Extension ability: using industrial-grade processor with strong processing capacity, extensions can be customized according to requirements, realize the function like: video monitoring, video transmission and storage expansion, communications and others.

8.Human-computer interface is friendly

9.Convenient operation: with an APP, a mobile phone/tablet, users can quickly fix problems

10.Safe driving: intelligently detect the dangerous behavior like engine super turn, neutral taxiing, idle stop, turn, throttle, brakes, overspeed, helping improve drivers' habits and ensure passengers' safety.

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