Zhangshu City Lunch 4G Vehicle CCTV System On All Coaches

- Aug 09, 2018-

Recently, all long-distance passenger passenger bus and passenger coaches in Zhangshu City have officially opened car 4G video surveillance equipment. 2G GPS trackers can only monitor the running track, speed of the running bus, and know nothing about the real time situation in the car.


It is reported that after the installation and use of Watchdog 4G mobile dvr and car cameras system for passenger buses, the monitoring personnel can get real-time surveillance images through the network anytime and remotely download video. The 4G car dvr has the function of GPS tracker , and it can monitor the real-time condition of the passengers in and out of buses and coaches, and the road condition ahead and rear of the vehicle. After installing the 4G vehicle cctv system , the passenger bus will further promote the driving behavior and service standardization of the employees, which will help to reduce the accident rate and improve the service level of the enterprises.