Yixing City Lunch Smart Dispatching System

- Jul 16, 2018-

On July 16, the Yixing City Public Transport Intelligent Dispatching System was put into trial operation on the line, and the 17 high-speed railway station originating lines took the lead in intelligent scheduling through the system.

At present, there are 52 public transportation lines and 516 vehicles in the city. The scientific and efficient regulation of vehicles is the breakthrough of the management of the city bus companies. The staff of the city bus company said that the system not only has the functions of automatic bus scheduling, reminding dispatch, reminding dispatchers to intervene abnormal situations, but also using positioning, wireless communication, geographic information and other technologies to realize the intelligent operation of bus operation and scheduling. Informationization and visualization of bus operation.

In the intelligent dispatching center of the city bus company, the vehicle information that is included in the bus intelligent dispatch management is clearly displayed on the big screen. Whether each car is punctually or not, and whether the vehicle can arrive on time is in the “control” of the system. The crew can adjust the departure frequency in real time according to the road and passenger flow conditions. If there is a problem, the dispatcher can also verify the situation in time and carry out manual processing to achieve “first time, first time intervention”. The number of lines dispatched by one dispatcher can be increased from 3 to 5 to 15 or more, and the efficiency is increased by 3 to 5 times, which greatly saves labor costs. In addition, the driver can also master the dispatch information in real time through the dispatching display and other equipment installed at each bus station, and operate on time.

“Not only that, in the future, we can also analyze the important indicators such as shift punctuality rate, average departure time interval, and site passenger flow through the system's big data analysis function to further optimize the operation plan and improve the bus operation efficiency.” City Bus Company The staff said that with the continuous improvement of the bus intelligent dispatching system, the company will accelerate the realization of full coverage of all lines intelligent dispatching, further optimize the public transport management mode, reduce management costs, reduce vehicle safety hazards, and effectively improve the quality of urban bus services.