Working Principle Of Passenger Flow Counter

- Jan 29, 2019-

But what kind of business depends on the flow of passengers, which is the basis of survival. The function of passenger flow analysis is to find out the potential profit opportunities accurately and realize the refined marketing activities to maximize profits. If the merchants don't know what the basic passenger flow counter is, let alone how it works, let's let them know.

Introduction to the Working Principle of Passenger Flow Counter

The principle of front-end statistics is to use high-performance processors, two high-definition cameras through the corresponding position between the two cameras and camera parameters, through a series of information to calculate the actual scene image, to collect passenger flow data. The back end is a passenger flow analysis system, which is the data processing server of the passenger flow center. Through the analysis and statistics of places with more passenger traffic, the front-end will transfer the data collected to the back-end server, while the passenger cloud degree is based on the Ali cloud server, and then all passenger flow data will be stored and managed uniformly. Users can log on to the WAP server to view the access data as long as they have the Internet, and of course they can also view the access data through the mobile APP client.

The ultimate purpose of using passenger flow analysis is to accurately collect the number of people in the target area, so as to make a reasonable analysis of these data, to enable managers to effectively grasp the overall operation situation, to guide the direction of operation, to have a good evaluation for the promotion of future activities, and to rationally optimize the staffing, so as to avoid the waste of manpower.