Why Is Your Mall Not Popular? Maybe The Linkage Is Not Good

- Oct 23, 2018-

What is the most important thing for a mall? Passenger flow, passenger flow, or passenger flow. There is a passenger flow, there is consumption, and the mall has a performance. Especially in today's highly competitive and homogenized business, the key to the success of the mall is performance, and performance depends entirely on passenger flow. So why is your mall not popular and lacking passenger flow? Maybe it is because this link is not done!

How to guide external passengers into the commercial body? How to use the human flow line to properly guide and facilitate consumers? How to stimulate customers' desire to shop in the mall, thus increasing the bag rate? In this regard, Cheng Hui, general manager of Hangzhou Qisheng Display Marking System Co., Ltd. said that in today's fierce competitive environment, in the face of the above difficult problems, do a good job of guiding system or solution. The excellent guide system can not only save money for the mall, increase passenger flow, make passenger flow, change performance, but also give more meaning to the characteristic commercial district to attract customers.

Provincial cost

Nowadays, there is a common phenomenon in the commercial body that blooms everywhere, that is, there are more or less different degrees of dead ends. With the upgrading of consumption patterns and the guidance of fast-paced lifestyles, consumers are increasingly demanding consumer experiences. In today's increasingly overlapping business districts, where marketing is becoming more prosperous, it is increasingly important to optimize the mall's moving lines to eliminate dead ends and do a good job of draining and intercepting.

The reason why the mall has a dead angle is that many of the factors such as property conditions lead to unreasonable planning of the moving line. Therefore, it is necessary to use the guide design to make up for it later. In fact, for shopping malls, the guide sign system serves as a bridge between consumers and shopping malls, and relevant designs should be intervened as early as possible so that innovation can be carried out according to the overall temperament of the project, thus functioning as both a guiding function and a landscaping function. At the same time, it can also save manpower and material costs and prevent waste of secondary engineering. Cheng Hui said that only the guide system can save 200-500 million yuan in renovation costs for a shopping mall of about 100,000 square meters.

When Wang Jianlin summed up the successful experience of Wanda, he once cited such an example: During the construction of Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda, the president of the American Tobman Company, which specializes in high-end shopping centers, pointed out that there were some problems in the project. Since the construction has already started, the basic design can no longer be overturned. He only gave revisions to make the overall planning and human flow lines more reasonable than before. It was later proved that only this design modification would increase the rent of the Wanda Plaza by 20 million per year. If the relevant design is done at the beginning of the planning, the revised second-phase project costs can be saved.

Increase passenger flow

The excellent guide logo not only needs to be guided in the store, but also needs to attract consumers to the mall through remote guidance, because only after the consumer is attracted, it is possible to generate subsequent consumption. Cheng Hui said that operating passenger flow will become one of the core competitiveness of future business. After all, even the best shopping environment and rich business planning, if there is no passenger flow, it is no good.

Consumer-to-store model analysis

How to lead the flow must first be analyzed from the consumer to the store model, the consumer to the store mode is different, the guiding method is different. Today, there are no more than three types of consumers in the store: car owners, pedestrians and bus metros. Different arrival mode has different requirements for the guidance system, but in general, it is inseparable from the three purposes of guiding, guiding and diverting the guiding logo. Cheng Hui believes that through the analysis of the consumer store model, first understand the demand for the logo in the shopping process, and then effectively guide, it is easier for consumers to generate consumer behavior in the mall.

Guest stay

How to turn the passenger flow introduced into the mall into a "guest"? "All-round logo design needs to think from the perspective of consumers, analyze consumer consumption patterns, and help consumers reach their destinations in the shortest possible time, turning passenger flow into 'guest'." Cheng Hui takes Hangzhou Tianyang· Take the D32 Fashion Shopping District as an example to explain how the Guide System does “Guest Stay”.


At present, consumers' consumption patterns can be roughly divided into three categories: destination consumption, shopping consumption and explosive consumption. Different consumption patterns and different guiding methods can be used to effectively retain consumers through interactive and interesting experiences and reasonable and clear guidance. Good guide logo design, through as many effective areas as possible during the shopping process, reduce the customer's physical exertion and avoid air consumption, and keep the customer's shopping interest, freshness, excitement, and five senses at a high level. In this way, the customer's stay in the mall is easy to extend for 1-3 hours, and lay a good foundation for attracting consumers to come again.

Tianyang·D32's architectural style uses water as a tandem point, color, light and shadow as individual expression techniques. The guiding system coordinates and enriches adjacent historical blocks and industrial heritage buildings, and outlines the canal waterfront through the architectural lines. The waterfront green belt allows consumers to experience the zero-distance switch between the indoor and outdoor shopping on the banks of the canal and enjoy the commercial art landmark.

Transfer performance

With the advancement of “increasing passenger flow” and “keep a guest stay”, supplemented by DM advertisements at specific locations, the conversion of consumer bag-lifting rates and the improvement of store performance will become a driving force.

The guide logo plays an important role in the development and operation of shopping centers. The excellent guide sign system is not only a beautifully designed signboard, but a precise plan after a series of analysis including dynamic line planning, store mode, consumption mode and passenger flow introduction. It is because of this precise planning that we can effectively transform passenger flow into performance.

Distinctive neighborhoods

In today's increasingly homogenized, shopping malls make consumers feel more and more meaningless. In recent years, in order to enhance the experience, shopping centers have introduced various innovative formats, and characteristic neighborhoods have begun to emerge. Such as characteristic culture, artistic elements, Avenue of Stars, etc. are common expressions in the neighborhood.

Consumers go to the neighborhood, the purpose is not necessarily shopping, may just want to simply visit, or just want to take a photo to send a circle of friends, it is just an experience. Such a characteristic block requires that the guide system must be creative, individual, and interesting to improve the strollability of the neighborhood and the duration of the consumer's stay. For example, the star hand prints of the Avenue of Stars, such as the characteristic sculptures of the Love Square, can effectively attract young customers and increase consumer contacts. The excellent guide system can not only introduce the customers in the box into the characteristic block, but also introduce the customers in the special block into the box, and switch freely to make the two complement each other.