WATCHDOG Help Kowloon Bus Motor Build Passenger Counting Demo System

- Aug 23, 2017-

Watchdog Electronics successfully build demo system in 20s KMB buses according to KMB special requirements.As a biggest bus operator in the world,KMB carry 9901 million of passenger trips, daily 2.7million of passenger trips.Altough its passenger flow keep increasing up to 2.2%, but its running cost get rasing faster than its income. The Stuff cost and METRO competition block company profits, even oil price reduce very much this year.The only workable solution is reduce running cost and attract more passengers. 

2016_06_22_12_27_10.jpgOur unique solution is to build our passenger counting system, which will drive buses following dynamic passenger demands, not static time table,then bus company can save lots of low-occupancy trips cost on vehicle and oil and driver salery. Watchdog team also make special firmware to meet customers demands, so that it support up deck and front door counting seperately. 

Watchdog Electronics is the most professional passenger counting system and solution provider in China,our system has been running thousands of buses in the world. Our wish is to reduce buses waste and empoison。