Watchdog Offer Video Surveillance People Counting System

- Nov 20, 2017-

Data, no longer the exclusive Internet, but also began to grow roots in the ever-changing City, a dazzling array of supermarkets, the endless between the complex. As an important basis for sales of the line, the traffic statistics of the products, identify and insight into the audience preferences, accurate cognition and overall statistics also be nothing difficult.

With the continuous upgrading of science and technology security, passenger flow series products are constantly updated iteration. More comprehensive, more accurate, more reassuring. In order to fully understand the user's age, hierarchy, joy and cycle, Watchdog new generation of surveillance cameras appeared. It is - vertical binocular passenger flow statistical camera.

watchdog people counter

From the appearance, it is more flexible and more elegant, piano paint, customizable black and white appearance, flat minimalist and soft symmetry of the line design, give this binocular camera with the vitality of the times. Binocular stereo vision (also known as binocular vision) is to obtain two images of the same scene with two lenses, and calculate the parallax of the spatial points in the two images, in order to determine the depth information of the scene, and then construct the three-dimensional structure of the scene.

Remote video surveillance

Remote video surveillance, that is, through the reasonable installation of high-definition surveillance cameras, the realization of the shop 360 degrees without dead angle monitoring, is the basis of Watchdog intelligent store management system. For the key areas such as cashier, the system can also access the POS system to support the query to the corresponding historical monitoring video of the cash register event.

passenger flow statistics

Compared with the traditional manual counting, the passenger flow statistics module is realized mainly through the installation of passenger flow meter at the main entrance and exit of the store. Save labor costs, improve efficiency, but also traffic statistics system we provide richer applications -- combination of marketing activities, time, various shops, weather and other elements generate reports, to observe the effect of marketing activities on the passenger flow, so as to provide reference for the adjustment of marketing strategy; these statements in line, column, the pie chart based, more timely push function, at a glance.