The Role Of Fisheye Camera

- Aug 01, 2017-

Fisheye Lens is the biggest role is a wide range of visual angle can be reached 220 °or 230°, which for the close-up shooting large-scale scenery created conditions; the fisheye lens can cause a very strong perspective effect when it is close to the photographed object, emphasizing the contrast of the photographed object near the big and small, so that the picture has a thrilling appeal; the fisheye lens has a long depth of field, which is helpful to the long field of field of the picture.

The fisheye lens is imaged in two ways, like any other lens, the image is full of images, and the other imaging is circular, whichever kind of imaging, with the image of the fisheye lens, the deformation is quite strong, the perspective is intense, so it is often used as a special effect lens, an arm reaching the fisheye lens will appear 1 time times longer than the original.