Tencent Launches Free Retail Footfall Analysis Service

- Mar 06, 2020-

Tencent Location Services Launches "Retail Industry Guarantee Plan" Free Footfall Analysis Service

Recently, Tencent Location Services specially launched the "Retail Industry Guarantee Plan", hoping to help real estate retailers grasp the flow of customers in the business district in advance through location big data services, and solve those imminent problems.

It is understood that the "Retail Industry Protection Plan" launched by Tencent Location Services includes free daily real estate retailer recovery after rework, characteristics of the passenger footfall group during the rework period, passenger flow analysis before the epidemic, and business transactions during the same period last year. Data analysis services in four major areas, including passenger flow conditions, use massive Tencent location big data to conduct passenger footfall analysis on business districts around the business body, to help businesses understand the business circle dynamics and passenger footfall recovery in time, and to tap the consumer demand of the customer base so that companies can Targeted development of reasonable prevention and control and operational strategies.

It is understood that from January 15, 2020 to March 31, 2020, the data cube product provided by Tencent Location Services will provide daily business flow recovery analysis for free, which can effectively help companies grasp the increase in daily passenger flow. Good prevention and control and preparation for stock preparation; secondly, weekly analysis of the customer base of the business circle in the rework period, including 4 attribute characteristics such as age, life stage, habitual city, and resident district and county, to help companies better understand the customers in their business area Where does the group come from and what needs may exist; The analysis of passenger flow in the commercial district before the epidemic mainly analyzes the characteristics of the crowd in the commercial district in the month of December 2019, which effectively helps merchants to summarize the difference in demand and achieve the effect of refined operations; Analysis, through the observation of time and space over the same period of last year, to help businesses understand the recovery of passenger flow over the same period, and develop prevention and control and operation plans in advance.

It is reported that shopping malls, department stores, commercial streets, and large supermarket stores that want to obtain the above services need to have the following conditions: First, they must have commercial projects in operation. A project can apply for the analysis service of a business circle. The real estate group can assign a representative to apply for each project. The application must provide the business license of the subject of the application. After the service is activated from the application date, all analysis services are free until March 31. Various real estate retail enterprises can check the event details and registration methods through the official WeChat account of Tencent Location Services.

Relying on the experience and capabilities of global positioning request service exceeding 110 billion times per day, the "Retail Industry Guarantee Plan" launched by Tencent Location Services for the rework period will help the retail industry to effectively return to work as quickly as possible through accurate data analysis services. Next, Tencent Location Services will continue to expand the range of products and services, and use digital means to help the industry usher in the spring after the epidemic.