Super Important Update For People Counter

- Jul 02, 2018-

 Super  Important News

Watchdog Electronics will release new firmware update for all our passenger counter with lots of new features. New firmware will change protocol completely to meet most of customers demands directly. So if you integrate into other platform with BPC products, you need to change protocol again.  All future firmware will update on basis of new protocol 3.0.

New Features:

1. Better accuracy on head by head, shoulder by shoulder crossing the bus door

2. Support new 2.8mm lens camera instead of old 3.6mm, meet most of bus door environment (Height: 1.9meter to 2.3meter, width: 70cm to 130cm)

3. Support TTS module to report live station name, advertisement words

4. Support 4 doors data

5. Support download TXT or Excel record file with name of device name, or bus plate. It will be easier to check local records.

6. Support Domain and DNS connection to server

7. Support encryption on local data.

8. Support New type of counting cameras

9. Others

New Changes on New Protocols: More standardized, powerful, scientific, reasonable and practical.

More abundant information: equipment number, equipment version, protocol version, license plate, line, station number, site name, station number, driving direction, and more than 10 kinds of alarm information, GPS has increased azimuth, speed and others.

More powerful features: It is possible to remotely monitor where all vehicles are located, whether they are up or down, and which sites. Site identification accuracy is high. The algorithm is optimized and the statistics are better. Fitted with a new camera, the 2.8mm universal model is better, replacing 3.6mm. Combined with the TTS module, real-time reporting capabilities can be achieved, and ads can be customized. Support remote update of site information, better record rules, and greatly increase record storage time, BPC-x, originally up to 5999, now 9999.

Simplify the docking process. 4 kinds of data packets, take all the features. The division of labor is more clear and reasonable. Registration package for equipment data, vehicle data. No need to continuously send, reduce packet loss. The heartbeat package is used for real-time monitoring of bus operations and various alarms to meet the needs. The alarm field is simplified, a piece of data that captures all vehicle states.

Record package: merged the original 38 record types into one. More streamlined and effective. All important data are passed back to ensure complete and effective supervision. Supports the playback of vehicle running trajectories afterwards, and changes in the flow of passengers between stations.

Command package: remote upgrade. You can configure the device remotely by issuing a configuration file. All devices are set in one click.

Download new firmware to test now.