Statistics Of Large Business Passenger Countiing Clothing Stores

- Jan 29, 2019-

With the increasing changes of information, from scratch, every Internet change has brought powerful information, making everything impossible possible. For businessmen, the change of Internet information is their profit opportunities. For clothing industry businessmen, as long as they seize this information, it is profit opportunities. With the emergence of business passenger flow statistics, it provides a supplementary means for businessmen to have useful information. Through the analysis of passenger flow data, it brings infinite opportunities to all trades in Fuzhuan. Business opportunities and profits.

Statistics of Large Business Passenger Flow in Clothing Industry

Advanced machine vision technology is used in passenger flow statistics of passenger cloud degree industry. Combined with Aliyun platform, the accuracy of passenger flow data analysis can be higher than 97%.

Importance of passenger flow statistics:

Through the connection with the sales system, we can get the turnover rate of customers, analyze each transaction data, help the merchants to evaluate the salary performance of employees, and adjust the sales staff scheduling, optimize the sales staff resources, and allocate them reasonably. When the passenger flow in a certain period of time is large, you can send more salesmen.

According to the peak time and area of passenger flow on the day, the site activities should be arranged reasonably to improve the conversion rate. Only by grasping the peak period accurately, can we take corresponding measures in time according to the peak period, such as holding promotional activities, arranging staff rest time, making better use of peak period for marketing and improving conversion rate.

Grasp real-time dynamic data, so that you can keep abreast of the market dynamics, and arrange all kinds of work rationally, so as to avoid waste of personnel, funds and berth arrangements, and ultimately achieve the effect of reducing operating costs.

To provide real-time accurate data for managers, reflect the actual passenger flow and personnel dynamics, in a special environment can set the flow of people, with the alarm linkage to cooperate.