Smart Cameras Golden Season Coming

- Dec 13, 2017-

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For years, the continuous development of the vehicle monitoring market has become an important security industry market segments, which so far has been more than 10 years of history in domestic development, in the market has experienced two stages of germination, growth of the market, in 2010, in the field of vehicle monitoring Chinese has entered a rapid development period.

With the increasing acceptance of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS), security monitoring (home and industry), and information entertainment applications, the camera market is developing rapidly. These applications are required for energy efficiency, cost efficiency and product size, and the quality of service (QoS) and emissions should also be reached to a certain level.

The advanced driving assistance system is one of the fastest growing applications of the automobile electronic market. The camera sensor is the key automotive electronic zero component, driven by the demand for driving safety and the requirements of government regulations. The car camera module is expected to reach 34 million sets in 2017, compared with only 6 million 100 thousand in 2010. This is partly because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued regulations that require us to sell at least one rear view camera in the US since 2014. Similar regulations will promote the adoption of cameras in cars, and in order to differentiate, auto makers will be equipped with multiple cameras in the high-end models.

In addition to the rearview camera parking assistance, the visual application of the car also includes night vision system, the replacement of the inner view mirror, and the 360 degree multi camera ring vision system, etc. Using the car visual system, the driver observed the video or image collected from the camera in all parts of the car from the vehicle display device to achieve safe driving.

In addition, there are some applications that depend on the driver's judgment. After the sensor data is captured, based on the machine vision system, the vehicle processor automatically controls a specific function of vehicle, such as lane separation, signal recognition and collision detection.

With the increasing degree of intelligent vehicle, the higher the demand for intelligence of camera is, the higher the requirement of camera module is to detect, identify, analyze, and respond. More video data is introduced, and the bandwidth and cost of the vehicle bus are also higher. Industry personnel compete to develop patent technology for open network standards to provide higher bandwidth and reduce the overall cost of users.

Ethernet is a natural choice for this kind of network physical layer. In ISO 17215, the camera video communication interface (VCIC) specification uses Ethernet as the connection bus for the vehicle camera / sensor. Figure two is a case of a 360 - degree video camera based on Ethernet connections. Image processing is becoming an important part of vehicle system based on the judgement of video information and sufficient response time to the driver. The sharp increase of image processing tasks also poses great challenges to camera module manufacturers. Their products must balance between performance and power consumption to meet the harsh environment of vehicles, and do not occupy much space.

Building management is also intelligent. The remote management and monitoring system evolves continuously, the quality of the picture has developed from the standard to the high definition, the function is more intelligent, and the function of face recognition is added. The proportion of webcam networking continues to rise, and it is expected to have more than 60% online cameras in 2016.

Compared with traditional action capture and video, real time face recognition improves security level of security monitoring. With face recognition technology, the security system can lock target objects without triggering any alarm, or reduce false alarms, so that the scene order is more natural. Through artificial intelligence, it is also possible to predict which people will pose a threat to public security.

Personal identification and statistics can also be used for intelligent building management, such as lighting, air conditioning, and entrance control based on the number of people. Public advertising and digital signatures are also the application direction of individual identification and number of statistics.

IP camera is the core component based on Ethernet security monitoring and control system. In recent years, the composite growth rate is up to 25% to 30%. Compared with the traditional CCTV cameras, the network cameras have a lot of advantages. The network camera does not need a dedicated video transmission network, and the terminal can supply a network port (PoE), so the cost is lower. Now many applications and services can be provided through Ethernet, a standard network, which effectively reduces the cost of the system.

The application of the original headline vehicle and security is everywhere, and the network camera module is the key part of the industry.