Analysis Of Shopping Mall People Counting Analysis System

- Mar 20, 2019-

In areas such as the United States where business development is earlier and more developed, the shopping mall people counting analysis system has long been popular and widely popularized. Why use the people counting to analyze the statistical system? To put it bluntly, the people counting statistics system is about the big data system of your shopping mall. For retailers, this is an important tool for them to understand the customer flow, understand the customer's purchasing psychology, arrange employee hours, arrange holiday promotions, and analyze the business performance and performance of the mall.


At present, some enterprises with leading management awareness in China have recognized the importance of accurate and detailed people counting information for the operation, decision-making and analysis of a retail business system. The statistics and analysis of passenger traffic data have been adopted or planned by manual counting. However, it should be noted that the manual counting method is time-consuming and laborious, and the efficiency is very low. Therefore, the market's people counting system came into being. A large number of people counting systems using different technologies have emerged. The technology is generally based on infrared radiation, thermal sensing technology, video analysis and other technologies. Among them, video image analysis technology finally gets the majority of the market share. The reason is because the hardware cost of video image analysis technology is low, the technology maturity is high, and it is easy to construct.


The video image analysis technology collects image signals through the camera, and the Watchdog shopping mall people counting system uses a customized binocular camera to illuminate the image, and a special algorithm is used to obtain a three-dimensional stereo image. The accuracy rate can be increased to 98%, which can better meet the business data analysis and realize the value of people counting more efficiently.


The technical advantages of the Watchdog shopping mall people counting analysis system are as follows:


1. Advanced binocular algorithm. The people counting system of the traditional monocular camera is susceptible to light and carpet color, while the binocular camera adopts parallax technology, effectively avoiding the single-purpose shortcomings and being able to cope with various external environmental effects, including spotlight illumination, light flashing, Sunlight, shadow effects, carpets, pedestrian poses, pedestrian color, double or multiple people side by side and other complex environments. Increase the accuracy of statistics to over 98%.


2. Automatic background learning. The system can automatically adapt to the changes of the actual scene at any time, and the statistical accuracy is not affected by the scene change.


3. High-precision technology for special people counting conditions. There are many customers in and out of the store, and it is inevitable that there will be special people counting situations such as strollers, backpacks, holding hands, and holding children. The people counter are distinguished by special techniques to ensure the accuracy of statistical data.


4. Regional judgment method. The movement of the customer into and out of the red and blue line area is used as the basis for judgment, which is more reasonable than the traditional line determination.


5. Active infrared fill light technology. The people counting statistical technology instrument has strong adaptability to the environment, and the equipment has the advantages of dustproof, splashproof and moisture proof, and can be flexibly deployed in various entrances, passages, open areas and outdoor squares. Any light environment can work normally, and it can count accurately without light or brightness (even if it is all black).

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