Shenzhen Public Transport Group Built A Bus Intelligent Dispatching System

- Aug 06, 2018-

The day before yesterday, the bus group was officially put into use at the intelligent dispatch center in Xiangmei North. The group said that through the intelligent dispatching system, passengers' waiting time will be effectively shortened and passengers' personal safety will be protected. Shenzhen Public Transport will provide better services to the public.


    According to the development strategy of the “Ministry of Shenzhen” proposed by the municipal party committee and municipal government, the bus group proposed to build “smart bus”, and its most important component is the bus intelligent dispatching system. The system combines GPS global satellite positioning, GIS electronic map, Vehicle CCTV, Bus Passenger Counting, wireless communication, computer network and other technologies to complete functional applications such as bus dispatching, information management, public security electronic monitoring, and vehicle alarm positioning.

    Taking the satellite positioning of public transportation vehicles as an example, it is like a pair of “clairvoyels”. The time and speed of Shenzhen bus operation through various stations can be visually reflected on the electronic map. If the vehicle stays outside the site for too long, the monitoring system will automatically alarm. The driver can report the accident or traffic jam to the intelligent dispatch center through the vehicle terminal. If the traffic jam is serious, the dispatcher can take the method of sending the shuttle bus at both ends simultaneously, and pick up the passengers on both sides, and increase the density of the train after the traffic is opened.

    In the case of a traffic accident, relying on the monitoring system, the traffic accident can be reflected to the intelligent dispatching center within 1 minute. The dispatching center can process various help information from the operating line at any time, and quickly adjust the capacity to ensure the normal operation of the line.

    The reporter learned that the current intelligent dispatching center of the bus group can meet the remote dispatch of 5,000 vehicles. The intelligent dispatching system has installed 2755 sets of vehicle GPS and communication hosts, and has realized 66 remote dispatching lines and 487 vehicles.

    In addition, the bus group intelligent dispatching system can also realize the vehicle electronic monitoring function through the on-board camera, monitor the security situation in the car in real time, and protect the safety of passengers and property. At present, all buses of the bus group have installed electronic monitoring systems.