Retail Business Passenger Data Analysis

- Jan 27, 2019-

Accurate Passenger Flow Statistics

When a customer enters a store, he can detect the head and shoulder of the customer by the smart passenger flow analysis camera of the shop meow, which generates the trajectory of the head and shoulder of the customer. At the same time, combined with face recognition technology, it can remove the weight of the shop assistant and temporary repetitive customers, effectively avoid the repetitive counting caused by wandering and staying, and achieve accurate passenger flow statistics.

Head and Shoulder Detection Statistical Passenger Flow-- Real-time passenger flow data

Statistical passenger flow data will be directly presented in the backstage of the shop. Businessmen can intuitively see the current situation of passenger flow in stores, including the number of people in front of stores, the number of people entering stores, the rate of entering stores, the sex ratio, the age ratio and the change of the previous day.

In this way, even if the merchants are not in the store, they can keep abreast of the flow of passengers in the store, consider whether to assign additional staff, grasp the best business hours and seize more sales opportunities.

Multidimensional Data Reporting

  1. Analyse the change of passenger flow, grasp the influence of week, weather, activity and other factors on passenger flow, and promote the increment of store performance.

  2. Customer precision marketing, according to the customer portraits, docking POS/ERP data, summarizing reports, in-depth understanding of customer needs, and launching precision marketing;

  3. Assignment of clerk shift, according to the trend of accurate statistics of passenger flow, monitoring peak and trough of passenger flow, arranging clerk shift more reasonably, improving staff utilization and providing more thoughtful service to customers;

  4. Adjust the layout of the store, according to the trend of passenger flow and hot data statistics, analyze the passenger flow and staffing situation of every commodity and every counter, so as to adjust and optimize the display in the store.

Retail business is based on passenger flow, and passenger flow is the most important barometer of business status. Through this accurate quantitative data, not only can we get the overall operation status of stores, but also can use high-precision passenger flow data to effectively organize business operations.

With the store miao, let the passenger flow data really provide value for the business operation. The store Miao passenger flow statistics system, the new retail era business must have artifacts to