Realtime Where Is Next Bus Service By IPAS 3.0

- Dec 21, 2019-

Realtime Where is Next Bus Service by IPAS 3.0

With the continuous rise of mobile Internet, real-time public transport no longer simply refers to the traditional sense of "electronic bus stop", but more refers to the real-time public transport mobile app. Users can connect to the Internet through mobile phones, and query the real-time arrival information of public transport anytime and anywhere, making it more convenient to go out.

Through the GPS positioning system installed on each bus, through satellite transmission, it is uniformly transmitted to the system platform supervised by the transportation department, so as to realize the real-time position monitoring of each bus, realize the reasonable allocation, and ensure the public transport facilities to serve the general public with better quality.

Real time public transport is mainly to query the real-time arrival information of urban buses. No matter when and where, users can query the real-time location of the bus to be taken, the number of stops away from the station, transfer scheme and other information through mobile phones, which can reasonably plan the travel time and greatly shorten the waiting time.

If users know the arrival time of the bus in advance, they can plan their travel mode and time more efficiently. They can not miss the nearest bus, but also get stuck to go out to avoid waiting anxiety.


1. Real time query: use mobile phone to query the real-time data of several stops away from the bus station, so that you can find the arrival time of the bus anytime and anywhere, and no longer be upset by waiting for the bus;

2. Public transport transfer: in addition to convenient public transport query functions such as line query and surrounding stations, it is easier to search travel suggestions between any two points;

3. Station positioning: through GPS precise positioning, it can determine the specific location of application users, display the list of surrounding stations and all bus lines passing by the station name, and further easily obtain the real-time status of lines passing through the station;

4. Map mode: the soon to be launched map mode will display the location information of the stations around the location, and more intuitively display the distance from the bus station around your location in the form of map, so that you can walk less wrongly.

Reamol IPAS 3.0 offer the realtime onboard passenger data and seat data with station info, bus company can share the data to any Next Bus APP or platform, so passengers can enjoy realtime bus arrival information easily and enjoy a happy bus trip everytime.