Watchdog PTZ Cameras System For Police Enforcement Cars

- Nov 23, 2017-

Watchdog PTZ Cameras System for Police Enforcement Cars


Recently Watchdog Electronics win a project for enforcement cars with our best IP PTZ cameras. After installation and test, police officers feel rather satisfied with our quality and technique support. This time we use our most popular model of PTZ cameras. Main featuers,

1, the use of highly integrated design, four-dimensional car control keyboard and 8 inch high resolution display, saving space and wiring, easy to install.

2. Set the pan tilt camera or decoder address range: 0-16.

3. 1 way VGA high resolution input and 1 BNC input.

4. various functions and control the PTZ, the lifting rod and the lights, can shift operation of intelligent camera speed smooth, left and right, under the control of pan and zoom lens. Control the rise and fall of the lift lever.

5. all functions are using shortcut key operation: wiper, lighting, call preset, preset preset, rise and fall, defrost, capture, video switching, etc..

6, the PTZ camera preset point settings, call. Can be set to 16 preset positions, there can be on board the head of the infrared light and wiper control.

7, the use of 1 RS485 input, 1 RS485 output, to ensure that the video recorder and keyboard display can control the car ptz.

8, using industrial electronic components, industrial design.

The network HD infrared 2 million pixel vehicle PTZ roof vertical installation, installation is convenient, there is a dedicated car support supporting the use, will not cause any damage to the roof paint, product characteristics are as follows:

1, all-weather environmental design, high strength aluminum alloy shell, impact resistance, corrosion protection, protection level of IP67.

2, support for SONY, Samsung, Hitachi, Continental, and other domestic high-definition network movement.

3, super strong seismic characteristics, especially suitable for vehicle monitoring or prison monitoring.

4, built-in decoder, integrated multiple protocols.

5, integrated omnidirectional PTZ (horizontal 360 degrees unlimited bit continuous rotation).

6, its manual rotation speed from 0~60 degrees / sec continuous adjustment; vertical: -90~90 degrees; manual speed 40 degrees / sec.

7, horizontal scanning between two points, can edit patrol trajectory, trajectory self-learning function.

8. The input voltage range of vehicle power supply is DC10.5V~DC18V


The network high-definition car Mobile NVR car video recorder aluminum alloy material waterproof and dustproof, fast heat dissipation, simple operation, easy installation, convenient and complete functions

1, can connect with ONVIF standards and many mainstream manufacturers of network camera;

2. Support 4 channel 1080P/960P/720P video resolution

3, support VGA and BNC homologous output, VGA output resolution of up to 1920x1080;

4, support extended 3G/4G transmission, GPS Beidou Positioning, WIFI and voice intercom and other functions;

5, support RJ45, RS232, RS485, USB expansion interface;

6, support maximum 2TB 2.5 inch hard disk;

7, 6-36V wide voltage input; built-in super capacitor, after the device power failure can work for 5 seconds, can reduce the impact of voltage instability on the device; in the case of sudden equipment after power failure, can ensure that the video is stored in time to the hard disk, video is not lost;

8, using aluminum profiles as chassis, no fan design, compact, heat dissipation, firmness is higher;

9, the design of pulling hard disk box, patented seismic technology;