Introduction Of Intelligent Video Monitoring People Counting System

- Mar 21, 2019-

The number of people is an indispensable data for management and decision-making in public places such as large shopping malls, shopping centers, chain stores, airports, stations, museums, exhibition halls, etc. For the retail industry, the flow of people is a very basic indicator because of its There is a direct proportional relationship between sales volume. People pay attention to the statistics of the number of people for a long time. Therefore, people use the intelligent number of people counting system to provide traffic counting data support for scientific decision-making.


Intelligent people counter

Intelligent people counting System is an advanced human traffic intelligent video surveillance application. It uses the built-in human traffic algorithm of the front-end intelligent video surveillance camera to automatically identify the number of people in the video and the direction of the traffic counting of the video for effective statistics and report generation. Monitor the real-time dynamic information of the area, and accurately report the number of people on the scene and the crowd flow data to the management in time to facilitate more efficient organization.


Analysis of statisticians from intelligent surveillance video is a very complex and challenging problem with computer video and artificial intelligence. The intelligent person counting system adopts a motion area detection algorithm to extract a motion area from a fixed camera, and automatically recognizes one person when entering the area and the human body is similar in size, and when a plurality of people pass the area through a short distance, the human body size is adopted. Prior knowledge divides a moving area into multiple single-person areas, so that the flow of people passing through is counted, and the recognition accuracy is generally achieved by more than 98%.




The intelligent demographic system can achieve the following functions:


1. The monitoring area, monitoring target size and direction can be set to achieve target object filtering and two-way people traffic counting;


2. Real-time video acquisition of the monitored motion area, and statistical generation report is transmitted to the management platform to realize real-time population statistics;


3. The system uses a network camera to synchronously output multiple channels of video through the data transmission network, and provides video stream switching function;


4. The number of people records can be stored and retrieved;


5. Real-time display of the current traffic counting in each region, providing real-time data collection of traffic counting;


6. The system has a data analysis function to generate a variety of data analysis reports according to the set conditions;


7. The system provides a variety of communication protocol interfaces, which is convenient for other systems to call the statistics of the number of people.

With the development of computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, new and more reliable and fast intelligent population statistics system algorithms and products continue to emerge. Compared with other population statistics systems, the video passenger counter system has more advantages and application scope. Widely, it is more accurate and reliable from human body recognition algorithms, and can provide users with more accurate people traffic counting data as decision support.