Checking The Security Equipment On The Bus. Future Artificial Intelligence Is Worth Looking Forward To

- Nov 29, 2018-

Checking the security equipment on the bus. Future artificial intelligence is worth looking forward to (bus people counter, passenger counter, face recognition device, member identification device)

Urban public transportation is an important part of urban transportation. Among them, the public transportation system is the most common and the passenger flow is the most complicated. The public transportation system has the characteristics of concentrated population and large mobility. There are many factors causing unsafe hidden dangers. How to effectively supervise and guarantee The safety of citizen travel has become a positive issue for government departments at all levels. (bus people counter, passenger counter, face recognition device, member identification device)

Judging from the Chongqing bus crash, the video surveillance system played a key role in uncovering the truth. In recent years, in order to ensure the normal operation of the city's public transport system and maintain social stability, security has received attention from all walks of life as a technical means of maintaining safety. Security has also become an indispensable part of the urban public transport system. All localities are actively promoting video surveillance systems in buses. Popular applications. (bus people counter, passenger counter, face recognition device, member identification device)

In September this year, all the buses in the main city of Chongqing were equipped with intelligent terminal devices, including mobile payment electronic wallets. The GPS monitoring system supervised whether there were overspeed, Lai station, crossover, etc., and real-time monitoring of 4G video to monitor whether the driver is monitoring. Violation of rules, fatigue driving, and timely transmission of video inside the car. (bus people counter, passenger counter, face recognition device, member identification device)

Currently bus people counter (passenger counter, face recognition device, member identification device)

Judging from the current security construction of public transportation systems, vehicle video surveillance systems, bus card systems, vehicle anti-theft systems, vehicle tachographs, and security and explosion-proof facilities are the main demand products. Among them, the demand for car video surveillance is the largest, and the popularization is also the most extensive. (bus people counter, passenger counter, face recognition device, member identification device)

In-vehicle on-board monitoring system is divided into front-end vehicle monitoring system, communication line, monitoring platform front-end vehicle monitoring system including car DVR, surveillance camera, monitor head, alarm button, alarm flash, LCD screen, intercom headset, GPS , (bus people counter, passenger counter, face recognition device, member identification device).

In addition, the vehicles and personnel in the bus parking lot are complicated to enter and exit, and the security management of the station has become a major problem for bus supervisors. The bus station entrance and exit management system is also applied everywhere. The bus vehicle entrance and exit management system is composed of multiple subsystems. Each subsystem communicates data through the agreed protocol. The collected information is summarized into the bus parking station supervision platform for unified management. It also includes RFID access system, HD bayonet system, and RFID attendance system.

The most popular application in the public transport system is the bus card system, which is the IC card we usually use. It is contact-based and non-contact, and non-contact is the mainstream of today and beyond. A contactless IC card is a radio frequency (RFID) card that performs data exchange between a carrier for data storage and a card reading device by electromagnetic field coupling or microwave transmission.

Security equipment is on the agenda

During 2014, there were many bus burning incidents in China, the burning of bus No. 237 in Guiyang in February, the burning of bus 14 in Yibin City in May, and the burning and explosion of two buses in Hangzhou and Guangzhou in July. The incident, and these accidents were caused by artificial arson.

The passengers of the public transport system are complex and highly mobile. At present, the stations in the ordinary public transport system in all cities are open-type, and the getting on and off is relatively random. If the citizens carry goods on the vehicle, many bus drivers will not check and Asked. “Coin, credit, go backwards” is what the driver asks the passengers to do. Although every bus has a prohibition sign that “no flammable, explosive, highly toxic and dangerous goods are allowed to enter the car”, it is impossible to eradicate these dangerous goods and be taken on the bus. In the subway station, railway station, and long-distance bus station, there are safety inspection instruments and safety inspectors. It is difficult to get through the "flammable products such as flammable, explosive, and highly toxic." Whether it is necessary to equip the bus with safety inspection instruments and inspectors has become a hot topic of discussion.

After the Xiamen 6.7 explosion accident, the Xiamen Transportation Administration announced that it would take safety personnel to follow the instructions and follow-up measures for all public transportation vehicles. The express bus security personnel were added to the location of the Xiamen Express Bus credit card, and the inspection focused on inflammable and explosive materials.

In addition, the new Urumqi City also launched the public transport system emergency plan, and each BRT station will add a full-time security personnel. Passengers carrying items must be electronically scanned and checked. Drinks and other liquids should also be opened before they can enter the platform. By car. And with the frequent occurrence of riots, the security inspection of the Urumqi public transport system has also been fully upgraded. Passengers on the BRT express bus are prohibited from carrying liquids and lighters.

However, the bus system that is ubiquitous in the city does not have a closed system for BRT, and the bus station layout is scattered. It is impossible to equip each station with security equipment and security inspectors. At the same time, there is no bus system. Small security equipment.


The bus must be convenient and fast, and at the same time it needs to be safe. In reality, bus safety incidents require that security facilities must be an integral part of public transportation. At the same time, we also need to see that the security facilities in the public transportation system are still dominated by video surveillance, and the video surveillance system still uses the post-review function as the main function, and it cannot function as an active prevention and early warning. In the past two years, with the development of artificial intelligence, the video surveillance system has shown a huge technological change. In the future, it can be promoted to the public transportation system to build a more proactive response. The bus safety guarantee system for advance warning is worthy of us. Wait and see!