Passenger Traffic Statistics Classification Application Scheme In Large Shopping Malls

- Mar 18, 2019-

Passenger traffic statistics classification application scheme in large shopping malls

With the development of the economy and the increase of market competitiveness, passenger traffic has begun to fluctuate. Due to the influence of weather or peers, the traffic volume of each time period is not the same. However, the merchant flow is the decision maker to judge the market development. One of the factors is also the foundation for the success of store management. Therefore, the shopping mall passenger flow system is very important to the development of the whole shopping mall. The analysis of commercial data by using the shopping mall passenger flow statistical system has become the beginning of the fate of the business. The passenger flow statistics scheme in the large commercial plaza is generally applied to the following levels: store level, area Overall level. 1. Store-level traffic statistics:

Store traffic data is the smallest target unit for system construction. By installing the Auto Watchdog traffic statistics meter at the door of the tenant store, the system will automatically calculate the traffic data entering and leaving the tenant store, and upload the data to the mall passenger flow data management center in real time. Through the analysis and statistics of tenant traffic data, each brand tenant can have more detailed control over the contribution of the shopping mall traffic and its operation, and provide effective data support for brand portfolio and business adjustment.

2. Regional passenger flow statistics:

Install the Auto Watchdog passenger flow statistical probe on the channel between each floor or area to grasp the distribution of passenger flow in different areas of the mall at different time periods, the contribution of passengers on each floor or area (collecting power), and the customer The law of flow between various regions and the relationship between each other.

By using Auto Watchdog's passenger flow statistics to analyze this accurate and quantified data, not only can the mall be fully operational, but also use these high-precision data to conduct effective organization and operation, increase passenger flow, and increase transactions. Rate and customer unit price, improve the overall operation of the mall.

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