Passenger Traffic Counting And Analysis Of Clothing Stores: Learn Tracks Of Customers Visited In Stores

- Mar 20, 2019-

For clothing brands, attracting consumers into the store is very important for the brand, but how to let these target consumers buy products is the most important. In addition to the atmosphere of the store terminal environment, what other technological means make it easier for you to lock in your target consumer groups, and how to analyze your traffic.


Clothing brand's biggest demand for Passenger traffic counting and analysis


1. High Accuracy

Accuracy of Passenger traffic counting and analysis software is relatively high. It is understood that the current Passenger traffic counting and analysis system usually 90% accuracy, binocular cameras still keep the best accuracy.


2. Integration with ERP System

At present, many clothing brands have adopted ERP software in their operation. When using Passenger traffic counting and analysis software, we hope that these software can be well integrated with the previous ERP software. Through this integration, we can reduce the overall operating cost and improve work efficiency. It is very important for clothing enterprises to improve their overall competitiveness.


What can Passenger counting system bring?

For apparel enterprises, what can be brought about by using Passenger traffic counting and analysis software? In fact, Passenger traffic counting and analysis software can achieve many functions, relatively suitable for fast fashion brands and larger stores, its main functions include:


A. Check layout is attractive

For clothing stores, merchandise is the focus of display, display is the means to foil the atmosphere of the store, space designers are the stage of performance, the three in one can become a perfect performance. Using the Passenger traffic counting and analysis system, according to the passenger traffic data, we can clearly see which areas have more passengers. Based on the Passenger traffic , we can timely adjust and deploy shop layout and personnel to provide persuasion for your decision-making.


B. How many people do you need to attract to see the successful opening of a brand?


If a brand opens a new store, the customer flow analysis software can look at the flow of customers entering the store and analyze how much passenger traffic is needed to achieve revenue and expenditure balance. For example, it can analyze how many customers need to attract every day to meet the profit.


C. Help market locate rent price


Through the passenger counting of the Passenger traffic  in each area, it can help the shopping mall to determine objectively the level of rent price of counter and shop, and avoid the loss of reasonable rent income. The same applies to business promotion in shopping malls. How much rent should be set and how many passengers should be attracted every day in order to achieve profits.


D. Helping New Shop Location


For the brand, if a new sublet store is taken over, this passenger traffic counting and analysis software (with monitoring facilities) can help investors analyze what kind of store they should open through the flow of people and age level.


E. Review the level of Passenger traffic  and conversion in each store


Examine the level of Passenger traffic  and conversion in each store, compare with similar shops, and identify business opportunities that can be improved. Comparing the sales performance of old and new stores, combining with a number of KPI indicators (Passenger traffic , conversion rate, average store time, etc.), this paper analyzes the problems existing in the use of store management, and puts forward strategies and suggestions for the substantive problems.

For a brand company, whether the marketing plan and promotion plan are reasonable or not, we can't give them the exact result only in terms of turnover.


F. Passenger traffic passenger counting can provide accurate positioning for brand promotion and marketing strategies.


For a brand business, whether the marketing plan and promotion plan are reasonable or not, we can not give an accurate judgment of whether the activity achieves the expected effect from the turnover alone. Here, the Passenger traffic  passenger counting is particularly important, which can help the business to carry out detailed analysis. On the other hand, through the long-term accumulation of Passenger traffic  passenger counting, it can help us more accurately locate and customize brand promotion activities, so as to maximize the interests of businesses.


Future Passenger traffic counting and analysis System


Face recognition counting system, will record the image of customers, if consumers first come to the mall, the mall will remember according to the face recognition system, when consumers go shopping again, the system will automatically prompt, any consumer to buy things in the store for 3-4 times, indicating that the purchase desire is still strong, the system can remind the shop assistant that this consumer is the focus sales target. However, the face recognition is not matural and reliable now, and cost is too high than binocular video people counter. Within next 2-3 years, binocular cameras still the best choice to count visitors and customers accurately in stores.