Department Store Square Passenger Flow Statistics Case

- Mar 19, 2019-

Department store square passenger flow statistics case

Regarding the delay in the flow of department store plaza, Auto Watchdog's passenger traffic statistics system has made specific analysis from some aspects, hoping to help you improve your own customer traffic and achieve the desired results. Hua Tiancheng focuses on passenger flow statistics and solves the problem of how to increase the passenger flow in supermarkets and shopping malls.

Activity analysis

Can you know if the passenger flow of each event is accurate? Is it effective to convert to performance? It is convenient for us to do feedback, can we know in time whether the type of activity is in line with our customer base? Does the event bring precise passenger flow to the tenants? Through these analyses, you can plan your activities, or you can use it as a standard for tenants to collect rent.

The role of the report

It is convenient to make strategic planning, compare sales trend analysis, and do the next stage of target planning.

The role of floor analysis

It is clear that which floor of the entire square is a profit point, which layer is a loss, and it is convenient to make adjustments in time. Now, people's consumption habits need to be introduced to attract customers.

Floor-by-floor analysis

The analysis of the hotline can clearly see which brand is the most popular on each floor, which is the business is deserted, is it the key support or elimination? Through the popularity of the brand, the main consumer groups of the square can be reversed. It can be used to make these data as a publicity for investment promotion, and can also attract investment through the analysis of the passenger hotline, even as a reference standard for rent collection.

The innovative 3D passenger flow statistics camera independently developed by Shenzhen Huatiancheng supports GPU accelerated computing. It adopts embedded structure products with professional intelligent detection function and rich peripheral expansion interface. Its unique hardware structure gives the product great adaptability and high stability. specialty. It is applicable to the front-end video stream information collection of passenger flow statistics in various scenic spots such as tourist attractions, large shopping malls and chain stores.

1. Advanced algorithm, high precision

The system uses the machine vision technology of the innovative 3D model to extract the features of the objects in the video, identify which are the people and which are the objects, and can effectively track the movement of the person. This eliminates non-human interference, such as: object shadows, backpacks, carry-on objects, black and white clothes and other accessories. In addition to color and shape features, the addition of position features is used for tracking detection, supporting multi-regional and multi-directional statistics, which can effectively eliminate the behavior of pedestrians moving quickly, moving back and forth, crossing, sliding doors, door openings, standing still, etc. interference. The statistical accuracy of the system passenger flow can reach more than 98%.

2. High integration, high stability

The front-end equipment adopts a binocular 3D camera design to accurately count the number of people entering and leaving the channel, regional passenger flow, and store rate. The system is centrally powered, has an automatic detection mechanism, and is equipped with functions such as management and storage of the data server. When the power is cut off or the network is disconnected, the device can be automatically restarted after the power is restored, realizing data transmission and avoiding the loss of historical data. The damage caused. The system adopts embedded kernel and embedded operating system. It runs stably for 7×24 hours. It is not vulnerable to hackers, viruses and attacks without virus interference. It is equipped with a watchdog to avoid crashes.

3. Low consumption

Adopting ultra-low power design, the maximum power consumption of the whole machine is less than 15W, which is in line with the basic idea of “energy saving and emission reduction” advocated by the state.

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