Passenger Counter Protects Parks Goldern Holiday

- Nov 20, 2017-

"Blowout" and "Explosion" are new words of tourism in recent years. All this shows that the tourism industry is thriving. With the passing of time, the holiday of 11 is coming and many domestic scenic spots will usher in the peak of passenger flow , Many leisure resorts will appear "blowout" phenomenon, but the blowout, outbreak phenomenon in the tourism economy, but also brought a lot of security issues, the state is very concerned about the development of scenic spots, in particular In the key tourist attractions within the high-density crowd of common occurrence of the case, the entire tourism industry are caught in reflection.

The relevant provisions of the National Tourism Law, limit passenger flow, protect tourist safety and scenic environment!

In order to scientifically standardize scenic spots and make them effective "early warning limit customers" to improve service quality, China's Travel Law clearly stipulates that scenic tourists should not exceed the maximum carrying capacity approved by scenic authorities; when the number of tourists may reach the maximum carrying capacity , Scenic spots should be announced in advance and at the same time report to the local people's government, scenic spots and local people's governments should take prompt measures to divert and diversion. Recently, the National Tourism Administration issued the "Guidelines for the Verification of the Maximum Carrying Capacity of Scenic Spots", requiring major scenic spots to calculate the maximum carrying capacity of tourists and formulating plans for traffic control of tourists, which will be implemented on April 1.

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Other countries limit the "passenger flow" approach

In order to better the development of scenic spots, different countries, the scenic passenger flow to take different ways to limit!

1, Cambodia - Bagan Temple at the top of Mount Buchan in the ancient monuments of Angkor Wat. For the protection of monuments, the local government specially controls the flow of traffic and only allows 300 passengers to go up the mountain every 15 minutes.

2, Italy - In order to prevent over-commercial development to the Pisa Tower harm, Leaning Tower management department not only control the number of visitors, but also the implementation of grouping, visit the system on time. In accordance with this provision, visitors must be in advance of the specialized waiting area concentration, and then led by someone on the tower. The number of visitors to each tower is severely restricted, only 15. In addition, visitors can not stay longer than 30 minutes on the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

3, Dubai - Burj Khalifa visit tickets for 100 dirhams, equivalent to about 172 yuan RMB. To control visitor traffic, tickets are sold every 30 minutes.

Tourist attractions passenger flow management methods

Passenger flow management of tourist attractions include two aspects: 

First, a reasonable control of the tourism environment capacity; the second is to manage and guide tourists.

Improving passenger flow statistics is one of the effective ways to solve the overcrowded area and improve the tourism comfort index.

At present, there are several methods for base station traffic statistics analysis, video surveillance and floodgate statistics. Passenger traffic statistics are applied earlier through video surveillance, which is a relatively mature technology. As long as the effective identification of the camera area, no matter how much passenger flow, the ground is reflective, whether the guests backpack, whether there is shadow, can accurately calculate the number of people entering and leaving the area, by watchdog new video people counter, the passenger flow statistics accuracy rate of 98%. "Data Nerve" feedback on passenger data, will be the basis for rational distribution of scenic spots. According to different levels of control, scenic spots can be used at different levels of information to inform, delay ticket sales flow control and stop ticketing and other measures.

The Significance of Passenger Flow Management in Tourist Areas

Passenger flow management in tourist attractions can alleviate the negative impact caused by the huge passenger flow so as to ensure the tourism resources in the scenic spots are protected from overload and vandalism and maintain the beautiful natural landscape and good tourist environment. At the same time, it can ensure the personal safety of tourists through the regulation of passenger flow in scenic areas, provide tourists with safe, hygienic and convenient travel process, satisfy tourists' demands and provide high-quality tourists experience to the maximum extent, and realize the economic benefits, social benefits and The unification of environmental benefits has enabled good tourism resources to be used for long, sustained and effective purposes by future generations.