On The Function Of Bus-borne Camera

- Aug 01, 2017-

June is the hot summer, the weather changeable, the heat always lets the person produce the sleepy meaning, the passenger rides the bus very easily to sprout sleepy, dozing off in the car, causing property stolen even in the get off when the belongings forgotten in the bus, at this time on the bus on-board monitoring system play a huge role, bus companies can check the car inside the vehicle camera recorded video to retrieve the lost items passengers, In addition, the public traffic surveillance camera can also play a certain deterrent effect on the behavior of illegal criminals in the bus, and improve the safety factor in the bus.

The purpose of public transport is to serve passengers, satisfied with passengers, not on the bus installed on-board camera on the show has been perfect, in addition to the function of the camera, the quality of the requirements, but also need to install in the car position has certain requirements, must ensure that the installation of a good camera in the work can be all-round, no dead corners of the scene in the shooting compartment, and the timing of the car inside the camera to check and adjust the monitoring angle, so as to better protect the interests of passengers, to fulfill the purpose of public transport services.