NVR Still Needs To Expand The Market

- Aug 01, 2017-

Throughout the video surveillance market, NVR prospects a good, coupled with a larger market competitive advantage of the product function, greatly by its main ups and downs of the momentum. However, really to achieve this result is not easy, single from the product function, compared with, DVR has been a few precipitation, the market and the harsh baptism of time, its mature market awareness is unmatched by the current NVR.

In addition, the domestic DVR market competition is very fierce, the number of DVR manufacturers, the level of good and bad, but on the other hand, the competition has led to some high-quality mainstream manufacturers to improve product performance, promote technological progress, they did not ignore the network of the big times trend, such as the DVS products mentioned above can be explained, although DVS and DVR, NVR positioning different, but at least, for the NVR, in addition to the main Jiangshan, but also have the technical advantages, need to have accurate market positioning, Rapid market reaction, and many other indispensable factors.

In a word, NVR although with its technology and functional advantages in the public concern under the "scenery" listing, but the immediate road is still more bumpy, in this game with the DVR, technical performance, market channels, brand support and many other elements must be in readiness, and DVR for the former, perseverance in the early throes of the market development, it is possible to seize the dominant position of the DVR, and truly become the market leader or even the replacement of DVR.