Mobile Positioning Vehicle Monitoring System

- Aug 01, 2017-

Mobile phone positioning Vehicle monitoring system is to use the driver's mobile phone, based on mobile operation Network Base station positioning to achieve vehicle monitoring, base station positioning is mainly using the base station to determine the distance of the cell phone location, also known as LBS Base Station location method.

Its precision depends largely on the distribution of the base station and the size of the coverage, urban error around the 50m-200m, the suburbs can sometimes reach 1 to 2 kilometers, positioning accuracy can meet the needs of logistics industry, it is widely used in the logistics industry of freight vehicle management, such as road song tube car treasure Vehicle monitoring system as long as the registration of the driver's mobile phone number, and the boot has a signal, you can lock the location of the phone, data and then feedback to the monitoring center of the electronic map, Logistics dispatchers can be on-road monitoring of freight vehicles, compared to GPS positioning system, it does not need to install GPS and other equipment, reduce expenditure, is very popular with logistics management staff.