Smart Mobile DVR Protect Logitic Trucks Safety

- Oct 21, 2018-

After entering the 21st century, the continuous development of the national economy, road traffic has always been an important part of transportation. At present, the road traffic safety situation in China is very serious. Every year, road traffic accidents and major traffic accidents occur frequently. Not only are there concerns about traffic accidents, but they are also accompanied by private use of buses, lazy employees and many other things that are often encountered in work. In all matters, it is also important to ensure the personal safety of the driver. The safe production of road passenger transport is related to the survival and development of transportation enterprises and the life and health of employees and the masses. It is related to the happiness, harmony and stability of the people's families. It is an important factor for construction and transportation enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

Through the intelligent Mobile DVR and Car video surveillance system, it can fully realize the management of all aspects of file management, location monitoring, real-time scheduling and other comprehensive information, effectively curbing the problems of vehicle overspeed, detour driving, and slow emergency response. Drivers and company personnel can strengthen road transportation safety management and transportation vehicle dynamic supervision through mobile APP and background vehicle terminal system to ensure that “two passengers buses and one danger truck can be monitored by enterprises and government platforms in real time, including monitoring transportation vehicles driving into speeding, illegal driving and other illegal acts, to achieve an effective means of scientific development and safe development of road transport.

The solution is networked online 24 hours a day with the public security department. When the vehicle is alerted, the system prompts it with sound, flashing points and flashing dialogs. The system provides a list of alarm vehicles, displays all alarm information in the list and forms a waiting queue according to the order of alarm time. When the vehicle alarms, the system automatically adds a record to the vehicle alarm list. And the monitoring personnel can monitor the alarm situation in real time and can handle the alarm (such as manual alarm). When the alarm person confirms the safety, the alarm can be canceled manually at the terminal, and the platform will receive the cancellation command sent by the terminal and cancel the alarm.

There are many ways for the system to handle alarms: select an alarm vehicle and operate it on the equipment, and the other is to access the 110 police center. When the center receives the alarm signal from the terminal, the center confirms that it is a real alarm, and directly accesses the sub-center of 110 (need to be constructed), and displays the alarm position on the electronic map of 110, so that 110 can be faster and more accurate. . In addition, the driver can also report to the 110 through the display screen, greatly improving the personal safety of the driver.

"Car CCTV and Tracking solution" can realize the interconnection between government supervision platform, enterprise intelligent supervision center, vehicle terminal, communication network and other components. Access to vehicle terminal system by driving video surveillance footage integrated Mobile DVR, multi-mode navigation satellite Positioning system, emergency alarm device, vehicle information display, voice intercom, LED information release screen, driver qualification certification module, vehicle camera, combined with GPS monitoring platform to achieve business management and data interaction and sharing.

And the background map has zoom-in, zoom-out, and drag operations, which is simple and convenient to use. And the vehicle can be arbitrarily inquired about the "vehicle information", and the vehicle information window pops up as shown in the figure, showing the company, fleet, status, location, vehicle data, equipment information and driver information of the vehicle. Vehicle track query is divided into bicycle track query and multi-vehicle track query. The control center can query the track playback data of the vehicle for a certain period of time by querying all the monitoring and alarm data of the vehicle stored in the GPS database. When the track is played back, you can select the playback speed, playback time, whether to display the track, and so on.

The background of the vehicle can be set in the background. The vehicle travels on the designated line. If the distance exceeds the line (the alarm distance is customized by the user), the center will generate a “cross-line” alarm. The system provides a line editing tool through which the user edits the travel route and provides line description information. When the vehicle enters the travel route, the user specifies the travel route and initiates an off-trip line alarm. When the vehicle arrives at the destination, the user cancels the vehicle deviation from the driving line alarm function, which can effectively avoid the private use of the bus.