Limited Occupancy Traffic Of Tourists For Parks Scenic Spots

- Jun 02, 2020-

The epidemic has given us time to think. The current tourism recovery should not pursue low quality, but need high-quality transformation, because the era of "one time sale" with extensive management and relying on ticket economy has passed. At present, the limit occupancy traffic of scenic spots also highlights the importance of per capita consumption of tourists. For scenic spots with secondary consumption conditions, the scale of tourists is not the only standard to measure the development of scenic spots, but also the core meaning to let tourists stay and live.

The scenic spot is not just a ticket

In recent years, abandoning ticket dependence has become a key word in the transformation of traditional scenic spots. The impact of the epidemic makes the transformation more urgent. For a long time, most of the traditional scenic spots are facing the question of single revenue structure. According to the statistics of Beijing News, in 2018, 58% of the 12 listed scenic spots accounted for more than 60% of the total revenue. Ticket revenue is often closely related to the number of tourists, which makes the number of tourists become an important standard to measure the development of scenic spots.

However, with the national scenic spot ticket price reduction forcing the transformation of scenic spots and the increasing demand of tourists for tourist destinations, the number of tourists is no longer the primary standard to measure the development of holiday scenic spots. Zhang Jinshan, director of the Institute of tourism industry economics of Beijing Union University, told the Beijing news that for some scenic spots that have the conditions to develop secondary consumption, the more the tourists, the better the scale, and the limited capacity of tourists in a scenic spot, the balance between the number of tourists and the experience should be considered, especially in the current limited flow of scenic spots, the stay time and consumption scenes of tourists Increase is very important, so per capita consumption will also increase, increasing the income of scenic spots.

Take Wuzhen, a domestic leisure and holiday destination, as an example. According to the 2019 annual report released by CYTS Holding Co., Ltd., in 2019, Wuzhen received 9.1286 million tourists, an increase of 0.35% year on year. In the case of slight increase in the number of tourists, the operating revenue and net profit of Wuzhen scenic spot were 2.179 billion yuan and 807 million yuan respectively, up 14.39% and 9.97% year on year, far higher than the growth rate of the number of tourists. After 20 years of opening, Wuzhen still keeps the momentum of substantial growth in performance.

From the perspective of Wuzhen's performance, the growth is not simply dependent on the number of tourists, but comes from the promotion of secondary consumption and the expansion of per capita consumption. According to some data, the proportion of ticket revenue in the total revenue of Wuzhen scenic spot has continued to decrease from 60% to about 40%, while the proportion of hotel and catering revenue has increased from 30% to 40%. In addition, Wuzhen said that after more than 20 years of market and brand cultivation, the revisit rate of Wuzhen can reach more than 40%, far higher than the average revisit rate of domestic scenic spots.

At the same time, it is reported that the tourists in Wuzhen are mainly individual tourists, and the number of individual tourists in xizha scenic area accounts for 70% of the total tourists, supplemented by team tourists, covering the whole country, especially favored by the leisure and holiday groups in the core urban areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Wang Xiaoyu, a special researcher of the tourism research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that nearly 50% of the tourists in Wuzhen are from the core cities of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, that is, the main tourists are middle-class leisure and holiday tourists, which shows that Wuzhen has been recognized by middle-class tourists.

In 2019, gubeishui Town, which replicates Wuzhen mode, was affected by many factors such as the diversion of surrounding cultural and tourism projects, large-scale events in Beijing, and the traffic bottleneck has not yet been broken through, but still achieved a net profit of 146 million yuan. According to the Wuzhen team, due to the relatively short operation time of the scenic spot, the repurchase rate of gubeishui town is slightly lower than that of Wuzhen, but it also accounts for a considerable proportion. Wuzhen and gubeishui town are typical representatives of domestic leisure tourism and holiday destinations, and the proportion of individual tourism is increasing every year.

No "night life" no second consumption

"In the era of individual consumption based on national consumption, tourists should enjoy beautiful scenery and experience better life." Dai bin, President of China Tourism Research Institute, said. In the stage of popular, individual and leisure tourism, the demand for leisure and holiday tourism of "experiencing a better life" is increasing, which also brings development opportunities to the scenic spots.

Wuzhen, which has seen the leisure holiday market for 20 years, has now verified the potential of the holiday market with its performance. At first, the main function of dongzha scenic area in Wuzhen was traditional tourism, but xizha scenic area did not follow the old way, but became a tourist destination integrating sightseeing, leisure, vacation and business activities.

Industry insiders pointed out that in addition to the growing demand, the per capita consumption and gross profit rate of leisure vacation, especially high-end leisure vacation, are also higher, and the possibility of continuous consumption and repeated consumption is greater, which is also the important reason why many scenic spots choose to transform leisure vacation. At the same time, the corresponding leisure products are relatively scarce. According to the relevant research data of China Tourism Research Institute, when the domestic urban leisure consumption demand exceeds 50%, the supply of leisure tourism products is less than 20% of the total market. In this case, the prospect of leisure vacation market is very broad.

To do leisure vacation, the first thing is to be able to leave tourists, rather than just look at the scenery. Wuzhen scenic area said that a scenic area without "night life" there is no second consumption. In the early stage of protection and development of xizha scenic spot, it was proposed to let tourists live in Wuzhen and take "living" as the business model of xizha. At present, Wuzhen scenic area has more than 10 unique hotels, such as characteristic homestay, boutique hotel and high-end Resort Hotel, which can accommodate more than 4000 people at the same time.

The ancient north town of water is to improve the tourist experience through the way of life scene reconstruction, so as to improve the rate of revisiting and let tourists stay. Four theme resorts, 10 boutique hotels, more than 30 characteristic homestays in gubeishui town scenic area, as well as under the Great Wall, Simatai in Xinbu, XingKong town in night tour, etc. are all behind the closed holiday life of the "holiday destination" scenic area, guiding tourists to form an interval consumption of two days or more. At the same time, rich experience scenes make it difficult for tourists to experience all activities at one time, and become an important driving force for repeated consumption.


"Wuzhen mode" to keep tourists

In recent years, the transformation from sightseeing tourism to vacation tourism is a common topic. Transformation once became the key word of annual report of listed scenic spots, but up to now, high-quality leisure products are still scarce in China. It is not simple to change from tourism as "scenery" to tourism as "life".

Take Wuzhen scenic spot, which accounts for more than 60% of secondary consumption, as an example. Behind the scenic spot is the promotion of service system, management system and product design. According to the scenic spot of Wuzhen, the system is in charge of people, the process is in charge of affairs, and there is a unified service standard and purchase demand. For example, there are a complete set of management measures, which are detailed and detailed. The Dusters of different uses should be classified. The prices of rooms and restaurants should also be reported. They should obey the unified standard management. For example, it is stipulated that the scrambled eggs of tomatoes should not be less than 4 eggs, and that the quantity and price of a local chicken in pot should be at least as small as possible. At the same time, the scenic spot of Wuzhen has full WiFi coverage, and has established the necessary supporting facilities for modern life, such as the direct drinking water plant, to meet the needs of the major tourist groups of the post-80s, post-90s and even post-00s.

Under the integration of tradition and modernity, the world Internet Conference has been held in Wuzhen for six consecutive sessions, and Wuzhen has also successfully built cultural IP such as "Wuzhen Drama Festival", "Contemporary Art Exhibition". The injection of cultural experience and the introduction of cultural consumption make the vitality of Wuzhen sustainable. Wuzhen pointed out that at present, the main consumers of the post-80s, post-90s and post-00s, on the one hand, have to escape from the familiar urban environment every day, on the other hand, they can't live without the familiar life, so they need to meet the two requirements, to make a "shell" which is very different from people's normal living space, so that tourists can see the small bridge and the flowing water people, and then install the familiar ones in this town Inseparable from life and business. Drama, exhibition and so on further meet the needs of differentiation, enhance cultural experience, and achieve complementarity with leisure vacation.

Since the opening of gubeishui town for 5 years, based on the refined management and service of Wuzhen team, it is also looking for detailed space and cultural positioning. At the beginning of the construction of Gubei water town, in addition to WiFi coverage, infrastructure such as underground pipe gallery system, direct drinking water plant, sewage treatment plant and garbage sorting and compression station were also established, and the infrastructure hardware is often the most expensive, which also shows the sincerity of a resort. At the same time, gubeishui town is also constantly loading new things into the "shell", from four seasons theme activities, traditional folk custom experience activities to "gubeishui town art school", reading poetry under the Great Wall under the stars, etc. gubeishui town said that in recent years, gubeishui town has set up a special business research and development team, and has carried out a series of activities in its own IP research and development, event packaging planning, derivative creative design, etc The author hopes to bring more abundant travel experience to tourists.

Affected by the epidemic, the psychology of "not going out, not moving, not clustering, not gathering" also affects the culture and tourism industry. Domestic tourism has also become the key word of tourism in 2020, and people pay more attention to safety, convenience, privacy and rapidity. As the permanent host of the world Internet Conference, Wuzhen's intelligent tourism layout is earlier. A mobile phone tour of Wuzhen, cloud guide, senseless booking and payment, face brushing check-in, meal delivery and other "contactless" tourism services are being further strengthened and implemented. Gubeishui Town, as a popular surrounding tourism destination in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, also ushers in the opportunity of further cultivation. At the same time, with the popularity of "live broadcast with goods", Wuzhen and gubeishui town also take measures such as live broadcast scenic spot tour and online sales of unique IP tourism goods. Under the epidemic situation, more creativity and vitality are released