Jiangxi Lunch Laws On Standard Of 4G Car DVR

- Oct 22, 2018-

Wang Fan, Jiangxi Network Reporter, China: On September 28, the reporter learned that the Provincial Transport Administration issued the "Jiangxi Province Highway Passenger Vehicle Terminal 4G Real-time CCTV Supervision and Management Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures"), and standardized the supervision and management of the province's highway passenger vehicle terminal 4G real-time monitoring.

It is understood that our province highway passenger terminal 4G real-time digital video recorder refers to meet the "Jiangxi Province operating passenger vehicle installation vehicle terminal 4G video real-time video surveillance equipment basic requirements and specifications (trial), and the Ministry of Transportation related standards vehicle terminal monitoring equipment. Highway passenger transport operators, including line passenger transport operators (including rural passenger transport operators) and chartered passenger transport operators (including tourist passenger transport operators) should follow the "Measures".

The Measures stipulate that road passenger transport operators shall establish a system for the use and maintenance of monitoring equipment, ensure the normal use of monitoring equipment, regularly inspect and timely eliminate the faults of monitoring equipment, keep the vehicles running on-line and transmit video images normally; and build a dynamic monitoring platform for road transport vehicles in accordance with the standards. Or use the socialized road transport vehicle dynamic video surveillance and tracking platform that meets the requirements, and establish and improve the road transport vehicle dynamic monitoring platform construction, maintenance and management system. The operators of highway passenger transport who carry out the pilot project of "line leader system" and carry out customized passenger transport should create a mobile phone APP for video image monitoring. The person in charge of safety management and the "line leader" should use the mobile phone APP for real-time monitoring of passenger vehicles.

The Measures clearly stipulate that all highway passenger cars installed with monitoring equipment should be connected to the government supervision platform of Jiangxi Road Transportation Satellite Positioning System, be subject to industry supervision, and be incorporated into the third-party safety monitoring platform of Jiangxi Road Transportation for real-time monitoring. The third-party safety monitoring platform of Jiangxi road transport should push the alarm information of vehicle violation in real time to passenger transport operators in accordance with the requirements of "Management Measures of the Third-party Safety Monitoring Platform of Jiangxi Road Transportation". Highway transport administrations at all levels shall take the implementation and implementation of the Measures for Dynamic Supervision and Management of Road Transport Vehicles by road passenger transport operators and the conditions of the Measures as important contents of safety supervision and inspection; all kinds of problems discovered during the inspection shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Measures for Dynamic Supervision and Management of Road Transport Vehicles. The operator shall impose punishment.