Intelligent Bus Dispatching System For Public Transport Vehicles

- Dec 22, 2019-

With the continuous development of urban construction planning, traffic roads are expanding, and public transport enterprises are also developing. The development of bus scheduling system is convenient for the dispatcher to realize the functions of vehicle scheduling, shift adjustment, vehicle location query and track playback anytime and anywhere. The vehicle scheduling app will greatly improve the scheduling operation efficiency, improve the overall management level and service level on the basis of the original intelligent scheduling system.

1. View vehicle status table

In the group series table, you can see the real-time vehicle positioning, operation status, driver, vehicle station location, license plate number and other information under the selected route. The information is very detailed.

2. Query vehicle location

Query the vehicle's historical driving track, and simultaneously display the bus in and out of the station status while playing back the track. The station name or driving speed and mileage are very clear.

3. Simulation of station circuit diagram

By simulating the status diagram of real-time vehicle access to the station, the real-time location of the vehicle is displayed, which is convenient for the dispatcher to schedule the vehicle.

4. Schedule view

The scheduling table can display the line scheduling, including the schedule, departure time and the scheduling driver, as well as the dispatcher's scheduling record.

5. Shift adjustment

Through the vehicle scheduling app, the number of trains can be increased or cancelled, and the dispatching driver can adjust the separation or even shift exchange.

6. Early warning function

It can give an intelligent warning of the expiration of vehicle insurance, maintenance, regular fees, annual vehicle inspection and annual driver license inspection.

7. Fuel consumption management function

It supports the setting of fuel consumption quota, so that function users can reasonably monitor the fuel consumption and maintenance cost of vehicles, and easily control the fuel consumption and maintenance cost of vehicles per 100 km.

8. Data report function

It can provide rich reports, including various detailed reports and summary statistics. The system supports data export in various formats.

9. Passenger Counting Traffic

By using the bus passenger counting sensor, especially the binocular video passenger counter  camera, the number of people getting on and off the train and the number of people on site can be obtained, which is convenient for the public transport company to grasp the real-time passenger carrying situation and reduce the empty load buses.