How Do General Clothing Stores Increase Traffic Counting?

- Mar 20, 2019-

Many clothing stores have experienced the strong impact of the retail industry, which is a headache for the problem of shop traffic. In the past,Passenger traffic counting , people counting  and the sales of goods were not able to get accurate information data in time, and the problem of customer churn in clothing stores. Increasingly serious, lack of programs to increase people counting, retail easy clothing invoicing software can easily solve these problems, help clothing stores to solve the problem of people counting.


The statistical people counting is no longer unable to count the people counting data due to the limitations of the system. The data collection and analysis of the physical store people counting data, the refined management system based on the data collection, can realize the timely and accurate discovery of problems, effectively increase the turnover, the head office management , customer unit price analysis, people counting analysis, store rate analysis, purchase rate analysis, employee performance management, promotion activity evaluation and other scenarios. people counting statistics can be easily recorded by simply installing a simple people counting statistics device.


Is it difficult to increase people counting? The clothing store management system through the value-added service SMS marketing, micro-scenario marketing to promote the extension of customers, preferential activities, coupons, electronic coupons, etc., through the shopping guide crm function allows customers to remain in contact after leaving the store The store's exclusive o2o marketing platform, customers online booking, shopping, payment; store staff to confirm orders, delivery, after-sales, etc. are perfectly solved, so that customers get a good consumer experience.


General clothing stores need to increase traffic counting, just use the retail easy clothing invoicing software, easily improve the data statistics and increase the people counting, so that the clothing store sales have the correct data basis and operational decision-making aspects are more effective and efficient. Complete business indicators, etc.

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