I-Store Commerical People Counting Flow Analysis Platform

- Feb 23, 2019-

Watchdog Electronics launched a commercial passenger /visitor flow analysis software based on H5 technology, cooperated with our most advanced integrated binocular people counter system, facilitated operators to understand passenger flow through mobile phones and computers in a more intuitive and comprehensive way, compared various regions and stores, and continued to deepen data on individual passenger flow indicators to ensure the authenticity and value of the data.

In the age of traffic, customers become the core of retail

Now, whether for e-commerce or physical stores, have entered the era of visitor traffic. As a key element of "people, goods and markets", passenger flow data has become the most critical factor affecting retail sales. The selection and supply of goods and the selection and construction of venues are all based on "people" and put the needs of customers in the first place. As a passenger flow statistics and analysis software, I-store will help offline retailers extend data collection from internal to external, and from operational data to user and market data. Around customers, operators can get a series of data closely related to customers.

For example, the customer's time to enter the store, the length of stay, which products show preference (willing to stay), the age and gender of the customer, whether the customer re-enter the store, and so on. Then operators will not face unknown customers, but data customers. Through the analysis of customers' own attributes and their shopping behavior in stores, we can find the rules, and mine the guiding value behind the data.

Through the passenger flow data, operators can not only grasp the current consumer behavior habits and adjust retail strategy by recognizing customers, but also can see the changing trend brought by passenger flow from the accumulated data, so as to predict the future development trend and make forward-looking preparations.

Finding the Differentiation Characteristic and Helping to Realize "Thousand Stores and Thousand Faces"

We not only collect accurate passenger flow data, but also aggregate the data into stores, regions, provinces and cities, and find the differences, because differences will be the key to creating value.

When the electronics business has already offered the personalized service of "thousands of people and thousands of faces" to consumers, offline physical stores are widely promoting "standardization". This uniform approach has become increasingly unable to cater to customers' increasingly personalized consumer preferences. For stores, their customer groups, consumption levels and geographical attributes are different. Then operators in the choice and placement of goods, shop decoration and layout, the arrangement of purchasing guides and other decision-making, in particular, need strong offline data to support, so as to make a better judgment.

Driven by technology and data, offline retailing can allocate resources more reasonably, provide more personalized services for customers, and achieve accurate marketing.

In the future, escorts will continue to improve and develop more abundant data functions, in-depth development of data service application areas, provide more retailers with consumer data acquisition channels, realize customer data, store data, decision data, and achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of retail system.