How To Solve The Problem Of Museum Flow Denseness

- Jan 29, 2019-

How to Solve the Problem of Museum Flow Denseness

Passenger flow analysis system equipment installed in personnel access, can install video version, Bluetooth version, WiFi version can be installed, there are large versions on the market, you can in-depth understanding before buying, find a suitable one.

How to Solve the Problem of Museum Flow DensenessPassenger flow analysis system can do the following things

1. Master the distribution law of passenger flow in different areas of the Museum Center in different periods, the contribution of passenger flow in each area (gathering capacity), and the flow law of customers in each area and the relationship between them.

2. Through the analysis and application of these data, we can grasp the passenger flow more accurately, and further optimize the museum's passenger line, so that customers can flow more effectively inside the museum.

3. According to the attributes of visitor flow to museums, verify and adjust the management orientation of museums in time.

4. Suggestions on staff evacuation based on centralized passenger flow data.

In the past, the number of museums was about the same, and it was impossible to be precise. Using passenger flow data analysis to make a reasonable adjustment plan and estimate the instantaneous number of tourists. When the number of museums reaches the maximum carrying capacity, it is necessary to announce in advance and take timely measures such as dredging and diversion.