How To Choose Mobile DVR/Car DVR?

- Nov 24, 2017-

The hard disk mobile digital video recorder(Mobile DVR) belongs to the market of traditional embedded hard disk video recorder. It is a new special product developed with the application of digital video and audio coding technology on vehicles. The Mobile DVR combines digital audio and video codec, harsh environment, large capacity data hard disk storage, automotive electronics, wireless video network transmission, GPS satellite positioning and other advanced technologies, to achieve the passenger transport industry, special vehicle industry and other related fields of video and audio monitoring.

Value embodiment of vehicle mounted hard disk video recorder

Bus, long distance bus and other passenger service vehicles after the installation of on-board hard disk recorders, is a new scene, is an inevitable development.

First, the traffic police bureau staff came to the car in the case of robbing and robbing, replaying the video, the criminal process of crime clearly reproduced, backup as evidence, found criminals in any place, can be arrested at any time, no need to worry about no evidence.

What time the traffic police check on the car, video playback can be clearly found that the car drivers are illegal operation, ever overload, such as illegal, illegal to handle, the driver had to sincerely convinced.

Because the advertisement image is clear, the effect is good, the unit which comes to the advertisement unit increases the geometric number, the passenger transportation service company discovered the new big business opportunity.

The bus passenger service group and the leadership of the company as often from the video see staff's hard work, unprecedented improvements in the relationship between cadres and the masses, many touching stories into a living textbook, individual crew illegal charges become negative examples, rewards more clearly, good management effect.

Passengers see more clear advertising entertainment programs, the journey more enjoyable.

The criminals are deterred from traffic accidents, decrease rapidly, the car down crime line.

HDD Mobile DVR not only realizes its economic value, but also achieves unprecedented social value.

Some applications of vehicle hard disk video recorder

A, city bus: can be recorded within the week of the car in the case of records, such as stealing, fighting and altercation with the crew, to redeem disputes, etc., can also contact the public transport advertising company broadcast product advertising content of the city.

B, long distance bus: Supervision of car fraud. The passenger station passenger, private money and embezzlement behavior to form an effective control, improve efficiency, enhance service quality and promote awareness of the excellent traffic companies, but also for the traffic police for halfway overload behavior more intuitive evidence.

C, many car crash accident records: the case did not find out the reason and the driving record instrument does not play a "black box" function in the true sense, reason is only the speed of the tachograph and some brake switch were recorded, and the speed to the driver brakes in the speed record of zero km / hour. The direction recording has no record when the driver is in a state of emergency and has a toggle switch.  Unable to distinguish between the crash and other accidents, the driver to deal with the accident, steering wheel control, front and rear road conditions, etc., is a very important data to determine the responsibility of the accident.


Several purchase standards of vehicle hard disk video recorder

1, anti vibration

Although the embedded system is used as common DVR, the on-board DVR technology is more complex than the office CCTV standalone DVR, and the key problems need to be solved are different. Therefore, the two are two completely different concepts. Vehicle DVR is used in mobile vehicles, because of the different conditions of the vehicle and the road, the vibration is relatively large, which has a great impact on the read and write data of the hard disk, and the damage to the equipment is very large. Therefore, seismic technology has become the most basic requirements for vehicle DVR. At present, the main measures are the shock absorption of the whole machine, the vibration reduction of the hard disk frame and the shock absorption of the hard disk.

In the security industry, the current car DVR market is still chaotic, the user's understanding is not deep, therefore, often found to ordinary DVR posing as vehicle DVR phenomenon. Therefore, the specific actual effect needs to be investigated by oneself.

2, regulated power supply

Voltage stability is another important technology of vehicle borne DVR. In the process of driving, the vehicle will have ignition, braking, stepping on the throttle and other actions, these behaviors will make the vehicle output voltage fluctuations in different amplitude, it is easy to cause vehicle DVR burn out. Therefore, the on-board DVR must have wide voltage input capability to accommodate this voltage change. At present, 6 ~ 36V wide voltage is usually used to meet the demand of mobile transport.

At the same time, it should be noted that if the car collision suddenly flameout, the car power cut off, at this time the car DVR to have the function of automatic power supply protection, to ensure that the data in the hard disk will not be lost.

3, heat dissipation

Due to the influence of the environment and weather, the temperature difference of the vehicle in the process of operation is relatively large.

This puts forward high requirements for the thermal performance of car DVR. Therefore, if the cooling performance is not good, the life of the product will be reduced, and the monitoring effect will also be affected. At present, some products are cooled by fans, and some are cooled by the fuselage. So when you buy, you'd better run for a while, then measure the body temperature, and watch the actual effect of the image.

4,image clarity

The clarity of the image has a direct impact on the monitoring effect, so when buying a quality SD Card or Hard Disk Mobile DVR, it depends on which kind of processing chip is used, which compression format and what resolution it supports? At present, the product support is generally CIF to D1, using D1 video, CIF transmission. To observe the actual effect, you need to record a video at different resolutions, observe the video playback effect, whether the picture is clear, whether there is delay.

5, the interface firmness

In the car, because of braking, acceleration, bumpy road, the vibration is relatively large. If the interface is not strong, the wiring may fall off at any time, leading to image jitter, video loss, power loss. So, when you buy a product, be careful to see if the interface is solid. I have seen in the process of testing, some manufacturers will most of the interface on the rear panel to focus on, to a multi needle interface instead of all the data bundles bundled into a strong interface to play a very good role.

6, 3G/4G wireless transmission

In addition to providing local video and forensics data, Mobile DVR also needs to send the video information back to the control center in time to facilitate the control center to understand the situation and centralized management of the vehicle in time. Therefore, wireless transmission is particularly important.

At present, the main use of mobile 3G/4G network, but because of the expensive data plan cost, can not do real-time transmission, can only transmit CIF format in one second. Therefore, the user can see whether the transferred pictures are clear and fluent in the control center.

7, waterproof design

Cars are usually cleaned every day, especially on buses. After the bus stop, the staff will use to wash the car, a little attention will sprinkle water to the device, if the waterproof performance is good, water droplets may enter into the inside of the case, when the vehicle ignition, may burn out equipment, therefore, the waterproof DVR vehicle can also cannot be ignored.

8, dust-proof

In the process of bus driving, passengers on the bus up and down, dust is indispensable. Therefore, the mdvr in the dust also put forward high requirements. When choosing the products, users should choose the products which are totally enclosed and have good sealing. Prevent dust from entering the chassis, so as not to affect the stability of the operation of the product.

9, small size

Vehicle DVR products are in pursuit of appearance miniaturization design, which is not only exquisite appearance of the product, but more importantly, to meet the small installation environment. Due to the large bus, small bus, private car models are not the same, the car space is also very different, therefore, when purchasing products, according to the type of car to choose different sizes of car DVR.

10, rich integration connectors

4G Mobile DVR is not just a single product, not only the camera to monitor video recording, but also should have a lot of interfaces, like RS-232, RS-485, IO input and IO output, VGA, HDMI, USB and others, can be integrated in a large number of projects, so that the space is even greater. Therefore, you can see whether the interface is rich, whether to provide some agreements, whether it is convenient to upgrade, whether compatible access platform.

11, hard disk vibration protection

In general, hard disk space should be large enough 1-2TB, otherwise it won't have space for a month.At the same time, the interface, need not be able to disassemble, data can be directly copied out. At the same time, to meet customer needs, the quality of hard disk to be reliable, can not use, less than a month will be broken. Vibration design for HDD is also important, otherwise you will find it easy to lose video.

12, alarm associated

The vehicle has been a blind spot in the monitoring area, and the car DVR just made up for this vacancy. Therefore, mobile DVR should also have the alarm function. When there is an event on the car, the alarm signal can be uploaded to the control center by installing the alarm device in the vehicle, and the control center can understand the situation in time, and centralized dispatching.  Therefore, we can inspect whether the vehicle DVR has the functions of door opening video recording and alarm video recording.

13. Temperature and humidity

Due to the climate and weather change, as well as the product in the South and the north of the application environment differences, so the Mobile DVR to normal operation, must solve the actual temperature and humidity in these projects brought about by the impact. At present, the product has increased intelligent thermometer function, when the car temperature is below a certain value, the product will automatically start the heating device, when the car temperature is higher than a certain value, the product will automatically start the cooling equipment, so that the vehicle equipment running normally.

14, Video Playback

In the past, Mobile DVR was the main vehicle for video recording, and now it's functional diversification. Playing entertainment programs can not only meet the entertainment needs of passengers, but also bring new business opportunities to the operating units. The function can receive radio and TV signals, and can pre store DVD, VCD and other entertainment programs, and can insert advertisements.

15, black box dash camera

The black box is also called "vehicle dash camera recorder", and it is one of the important functions of car DVR. It can record all the data of the whole process of vehicle operation, and can realize the management and supervision of the driver through the supporting computer software. When the vehicle speeding or other violations occur, the black box will transmit information to the control center, play a warning role.