How To Choose Electronics Bus Stop Display Stand

- Aug 05, 2018-

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the construction of smart public transport has been fully carried out in major cities. As an important part of the smart bus system, the bus electronic stop sign plays an important role in alleviating the difficulty of citizens' travel, and becomes an intelligent hardware facility favored by the municipal government and favored by the citizens. At present, with the continuous deepening of the construction of smart public transportation, the demand for public transportation electronic terminal equipment has gradually increased. The major manufacturers and various capitals have joined the “blue sea” of public transportation electronic stop signs, and the market has become increasingly prosperous.

As the intelligent hardware device, the intelligent attribute and quality attribute are the most important. Can the electronic station card provide comprehensive support for the smart bus and smart city construction, and whether the equipment can be reliable and durable? It is a measure of whether a bus electronic station is excellent. standard. R&D, design, production, and bus electronic stop signs are not a simple matter. We need a company with strong comprehensive strength. Today we will explain in detail for you. Manufacturers who can produce qualified bus electronic stop signs need to have What factors.

First, a strong team backing

As an intelligent hardware device, the bus electronic station card needs to have a strong technical R&D team and design team to participate. The bus electronic stop sign is a relatively complicated integrated device, which involves the industrial design field, realizes the rational design and application of the internal space, and requires the reasonable adaptation of the internal hardware and the comprehensive integration of the software, and on this basis, it is dust-proof. Waterproofing and heat dissipation are not a simple matter in and of themselves. Therefore, the team needs to be strong enough to design a bus stop with a beautiful appearance and a reasonable internal structure to ensure quality and performance.

Second, complete independent production process

As mentioned above, the bus electronic stop sign is a smart device that integrates all kinds of smart functions. If you want to present it to the customer, the premise is to control every detail, quality control, production process and production equipment of the manufacturer. There are extremely high requirements. According to experts, only a set of sheet metal production machinery and equipment, and equipped with high-level, experienced professional and technical personnel, will be in the hands of each step of production, in order to achieve excellence in product quality, only to have the confidence in this The industry is based on and seeks long-term development.

Third, have a complete product intelligence attributes

The reason why the bus electronic stop sign is called "smart" stop sign is mainly due to its own multi-functional attributes. In people's general cognition, the function of the bus electronic stop sign is a device that can be connected to the Internet and can realize screen display. It has the functions of real-time transmission of information and voice report station. In fact, this is not comprehensive or even one-sided. In addition to the functions of the conventional intelligent transportation system, the bus electronic stop sign should also have the functions of collecting data for smart cities, including intelligent security, alarm, urban area temperature, humidity, and The collection of “sponge city” data, etc., and these functions are not available in the production of many manufacturers, because having these functions requires more reasonable internal design and functional adaptation, without strong technical strength can not be achieved, so choose A competent manufacturer is the key first step in operating a bus electronic stop sign.

At present, the development of smart bus systems has entered a period of extensive promotion from individual pilots, and a large number of production enterprises have entered the production of bus electronic stop signs. When choosing these manufacturers, how to find the bus electronic station manufacturers with superior performance and find the products with superior performance is the direction that the equipment purchasers should focus on, which is why we wrote this article today. Good products are not difficult to find. As long as the objective and careful analysis of product performance and production process, it is easy to distinguish which manufacturers are strong, and which manufacturers are worth buying. In the future, I hope that more and more excellent equipment will be selected and put into the construction of the smart public transport system, which will play a more active role in facilitating the life of the citizens and alleviating the current situation of urban transportation.