How To Calculate The Conversion Rate Of Passenger Flow Data For Your Store?

- Apr 03, 2018-

How to Calculate the Conversion Rate of Passenger Flow Data for Your Store?

What is the conversion rate? The rate of conversion refers to the rate of passenger flow and volume of traffic in a shop in a certain period. The purpose of the entity shop to calculate the rate of passenger flow conversion is to get a more thorough understanding of the daily turnover of the customer, and to obtain the number of customers per transaction combined with the analysis of sales data. The more important point is that we can convert the rate of turnover, that is, the rate of customer loss, that is, the number of passengers leaving the store every day without a deal. So, on the entity store traffic conversion rate is calculated, then simply introduces for everybody.

From the above formula of conversion rate, it seems that if we want to get accurate and effective conversion rate, we must start with data of passenger volume and transaction volume. How to get passenger volume and transaction number has become an important condition for calculating the conversion rate of passenger traffic.

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1. How to get accurate passenger traffic data

Compared with the transaction data, the entity store is very difficult to obtain the passenger traffic data. Even some entity merchants try to obtain the passenger traffic data in order to obtain effective traffic information, but the human resources can not reach the desired results. Some merchants adopt the statistical means of intelligent passenger flow, install passenger flow counter at the door of the shop, and automatically count the number of passengers entering and out of the shop when the passenger flow in and out of the shop, and generate the data reports of the time unit (hour, day, week, month, quarter and year) to provide accurate and reliable traffic information for the merchants.

2. How to get counting transaction data

The number of transactions is the ratio of the success of a single product after the entry of shops and shops. Most businesses rely on the OS system to complete the statistics. For businesses that do not use the POS system, they need to record the number of transactions per day. It is worth mentioning that the need to repeat the transaction (two or more transaction orders for the same person in the same time period) needs to be excluded when the conversion rate is calculated.

Therefore, for the calculation method of the volume conversion rate of entity store passenger, Watchdog  provides the following suggestion: using the intelligent passenger traffic statistics system to carry out the fully automated data report analysis with the system, and provide more accurate and reliable data basis. If the business does not use the system, that is, through the elegant passenger flow statistics system to carry out the real time single number registration, the background is based on the transaction data manually input by the merchant to calculate the sales index, the number of customers, the price of the guest, the conversion rate and so on.