How The Subway Disperse Big Passenger Traffic

- Apr 07, 2020-

How the Subway Disperse  Big Passenger Traffic

The subway carries out real-time monitoring and tracking of passenger flow through a ticketing system, a video passenger counter system and a video visitor analysis system distributed in the waiting room. Therefore, the subway can understand the various driving directions, the intensity of passenger flow, waiting time, etc. in real time. During peak passenger traffic, when a subway station concentrates too many passengers in a certain period of time, passenger traffic control will be carried out in order for passengers to ride the subway safely and orderly. According to the size of passenger flow and transportation capacity, implement station control, line control or network control.

Seeing the dense crowds, they can increase the transportation capacity by adding trains, small-line transportation, and empty-vehicle fixed-point operation to help passengers reach their destination as soon as possible.