How Passenger Counter Or People Counter Trend In Retails

- Feb 23, 2019-

In terms of people counter products, currently the most widely used scene is the retail industry, the technical process is mainly divided into three stages: the initial three roller brake mode, infrared induction mode, gravity induction mode, and the current camera identification mode. Camera identification method has great advantages such as simplicity, high accuracy and wide application scenarios, and has become the mainstream people counter technology. 


In the aspect of head counting, the technical barrier of camera identification is very low, the technical principle is almost transparent, the technical difficulty of algorithm is relatively low, the equipment is relatively simple, and the background analysis report system is not complicated enough to establish reliable barriers. So there are a lot of companies at home and abroad can do customer people counting, each product consistency is high, the difference is not big, but different companies positioning, technology and application are different. 

Each company has a large degree of customer overlap, the target customers are the domestic retail industry large commercial centers, department stores, chain stores and so on. Because the technical threshold is not high, and customer people counting of the business needs and profit model has been verified, and the future application of the extensive scene, it is expected that there will be a few types of companies into the customer people counting market: 


1, image/video processing technology type of companies. 

2. Security monitoring and other types of companies. 

3. Retail system development software company. 

4, video transmission equipment manufacturers and so on. 


This will intensify the competition in the industry, significantly lower product prices and reduce the level of gross profit.


From the perspective of the trend, the people counter industry has the following development trends:


1, to the development of simplicity and generality, reducing installation and wiring construction: the future based on image recognition technology to do data collection, processing and identification, accumulation, analysis and application is the core, the importance in front of cameras, instead is reduced, which would require the back-end technology can be compatible with all kinds of cameras, the customer need not repeat installation deployment of camera; And it can reduce the investment and expenditure of after-sales service network. The people counter system is directly connected to any camera, and video data is transmitted to the people counter system. Accurate statistics of passenger flow can be achieved through simple configuration. Excessive installation and after-sales service not only drive up the price of products, but also increase the input cost of customers and affect the acceptance of customers. In this way, the products can be lowered to the largest number of small and medium-sized individual stores.


2. Development to the cloud: without the cloud, the company can only sell the system and cannot realize the accumulation of data, and cannot move to the data operation, data service and other fields with high gross profit/high value; Relying on the cloud, cross-system integration can also be achieved (the data integration is behind the system integration); It can also realize the sales of SAAS and other value-added services, greatly reducing the cost of marketing and promotion channels for new functions. In addition, it can ensure the consistent experience of all terminals, directly update the cloud, and add a touch point for the company to reach customers directly.


3. Extending to face recognition and other technical fields: relying on face recognition, the user's unique (who can be identified) positioning automation is high, which can provide more rich application scenarios, and is a convenient way for seamless latong retail CRM and other systems. It is an important step to realize the integration of customer flow, sales and service. At present, relying on WIFI to locate users through the acquisition of mobile phone Numbers and other ids, either the consumer coverage is not enough, or the immediacy is not enough, and the experience is poor. Image recognition can also provide consumers with valuable information such as age judgment, action judgment, facial expression judgment and clothing judgment, complete the consumer view, and automatically draw service and sales conclusions by mining the model, which can be pushed to the shop assistants in real time. I firmly believe that the future of consumer view data, never expect users to fill you, rely on automated identification and record collection is the way out.


4, to the 3 d recognition technology fields such as: the main based on binocular camera to realize 3 d recognition, 3 d recognition is very important, this is one of the important equipment judgment indicators such as position and distance, through these 3 d recognition technology, can realize group relationship type judgment, a judgment, product users interested in judgment, the user shopping psychology of judgment and so on. When deployed in the store, 3D recognition will play a great role in combination with data such as product placement.


5. Trend of cross-system integration: at present, the people counter function and application in the retail industry is only a sub-link, which is relatively weak. If the sales system data and CRM system data in the retail industry can be integrated, the value of 1+1 will be far greater than 2. As far as huina technology is concerned, the research and development of people counter system extends to the research and development of retail background system, and there is a lack of experience and technology in many aspects. It is suggested to combine the strong and the strong. Huina technology can focus on the deep exploration of image and video recognition technology.


6, combined with retail consulting services: technology will eventually be pulled together, not to mention people counter technical barriers so low. After technology provides the possibility of data monitoring, business problems begin to emerge: how to analyze, how to apply, how to draw conclusions based on sales data, what store positioning and sales model is appropriate? The knowledge behind these problems is also the key to guide the design of data analysis report and data mining model in the people counter system. Profound accumulation of retail knowledge and professional consulting services can give customers more confidence, improve product advantages, and achieve integrated output of product + knowledge + application.