How Household Stores To Make Money Without Enough Footfall Traffic?

- Sep 15, 2019-

A habitual saying is that there is very little traffic in the home market, not much in the weekdays, and sometimes even people. The weekend will be better. When there is a big event for a business or a store itself, the traffic will burst.

This phenomenon is not uncommon, especially when everyone tries to get to the front end of the community, real estate, sales and other departments, there are fewer people in the store.

It is not in line with the reality that a stick is killed. It depends on what building materials market you are investigating. In the general area of small and medium-sized building materials market, no one is normal.

If you look at the chain home stores and local well-known stores, there will still be some customers in the weekdays. Customers may also squeeze in hundreds of people during weekend holidays, during the peak season, or during activities.

Of course, the undeniable phenomenon is that even if it is a well-known store, not every city can do a good job. Some cities that are doing poorly have poor passenger traffic. Sometimes there are not many buildings.

Is there less customers in the store, and business can't make money? not always. The visionary boss has already started to grab the front of the customer, or take the initiative to attack and bring the customer to the store. It is difficult for merchants to make money by relying on the traffic in the store.

How is the front method? It is to take the initiative to go out of the store, to the community, to the sales department, to the decoration company, wherever you can reach the customer, it is included in the market development.

So, if you look at some stores in the store, you really have fewer passengers. You are worried about them, but you can still make money. They have already found a source of income outside the store. For example, they may pick up a wooden door or cabinet of a house. The business of sanitary ware; it is also possible to carry out continuous collection activities on the outside, and it has been very successful; or has obtained some purchase orders from major customers.

According to the large-scale research, there are several other possibilities. One is to accurately drain the store, that is, they will find ways to drain themselves, and invite customers to the store. They have no dependence on the store, and the orders are all outside to find them. .

The second is to concentrate on blasting. It seems that there is not a single week, but most of the power is concentrated in the activities of the month. After a successful event, millions of jobs can be settled.

Third, the profit of the list is relatively large, and it will not be issued for half a year. An order is estimated to be a million-level. Marketing activities are often placed in high-end clubs, villas, luxury 4S shops, high-star hotels, etc. The store is just a place for accurate customer experience or visits and signings. It is enough to have several customer transactions in a year.

The large-scale research noticed that more and more customers have not yet come to the home store, they have already bought the required home building materials, and naturally they do not have to go to the store. This part of the customer has been intercepted.

It’s not that everyone doesn’t want to go to the store to see it, but often there are goods that are delivered to the door and so on, so you don’t have to go to the store to go to the store. Jingdong, Alibaba, and are constantly holding various activities. As long as you are on the Internet, you may easily see this information and directly intercept it.

Some people say that home building materials and home decoration need to experience these things, relying on physical stores to do traffic, this statement is only half accurate. At present, there are many categories. For consumers, the experience is not just needed. The convenience of online purchase can fully compensate for the lack of experience.

After all, in many physical stores, you may not see beautiful effects, and you can't talk about the experience. Some even can't see the real situation of the products, such as paint shops, lamps, doors and windows, bedding, pillow cushions, etc.

Whoever can take the first step to intercept, whoever can make money.

Since you can earn money without relying on the flow of the store, why should you spend money to open a store?

There are a few reasons. After all, there are still many owners. When you buy more, especially if you buy big home products, you will still have to go to the store and have a look.

Furthermore, everyone knows that there is no reliable store to support, employees do not have confidence, I feel that you are a leather bag company, how can you talk about customers looking for orders. No store that reflects strength and provides a better shopping experience means that customers who want to go to the store will also lose.

In fact, people inside the store are also clear that they must do the traffic, empower the dealers, and empower the stores. Only the bosses make money, and they only pay more for rent. It is also clear that you cannot rely on the development of a strong-hearted type, engage in an activity, come to one person; no activity, no one.

But the problem is that the simple home store itself is like this, especially the main selling of large furniture and building materials, its consumption is low-frequency, in a certain period of time, the customer base is not very large, the competition is still very fierce, It is really difficult for passenger traffic to remain large at all times.

Therefore, the home store with stronger strength is trying to transform, transforming from big home to big consumption, such as expanding household goods. Previously, it was mainly used as home building materials, and now more bedding, furniture, soft clothes, green plants, Smart home and other categories; the introduction of box horse food market, sold vegetables; increased theater, parent-child and other formats, the transformation to the shopping center.