Home Burglar Technical Means

- Aug 01, 2017-

Our current anti-theft measures are mostly rely on air defense and physical protection (such as anti-theft door, iron guardrail, etc.), if the conditions of the use of technology to prevent the means will receive the multiplier effect.

1. Install infrared anti-theft alarm device. This kind of alarm device is in working condition, can emit the naked eye invisible infrared light, as long as the person enters the light control scope, the device will immediately issue the alarm sound, if has the robber to enter, the resident can discover immediately, but the thief himself does not know, often to go to the police.

2. Install the electromagnetic password lock, install this kind of lock, from the outside to unlock the need to press the password, otherwise unable to unlock; if pry open, lock alarm device will issue alarm sound, so will disturb indoor person or neighbour, one can frighten away the thief, two also can will the thief capture.

3. Actively cooperate and enthusiastically participate in the Urban Community Alarm network system, users install this kind of alarm equipment, such as in the event of a dangerous situation (such as burglary), the alarm will be set up in advance of the zone automatically issued the alarm, police station of the alarm device immediately show the exact address of the user, the police can quickly out of the police to the scene, captured criminals.