Haikou Will Build 300 New Bus Electronic Stop Signs

- Aug 05, 2018-

Purchase 300 new energy buses, build 300 public bus electronic stop signs, promote the construction of bus lanes, open the broken road, and promote the construction of the intercity express line... On the morning of August 1, Haikou held a press conference, and the reporters attended the meeting. It was learned that the city will increase capital investment in optimizing transportation planning and upgrading services, improve road network planning and construction, optimize road traffic organization, take multiple measures, promote scientific transportation, promote green transportation, and create more convenient travel for citizens. surroundings.

Promote the construction of bus lanes

In recent years, under the force of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, Haikou Public Transport has continuously optimized the structure of the bus line network through new bus routes, new bus vehicles, and other measures to facilitate the public and the people, and to create a new mode of green bus travel, and strive to improve the quality of public transport services. , constantly meet the travel needs of ordinary people. Up to now, there are 136 bus lines in the city, 40 new ones in 2016, an increase of 42%; 2,171 public transport vehicles, accounting for 84% of new energy and clean energy.

In the second half of this year, the city plans to invest 300 million yuan to purchase 300 new energy buses. The scale of public transportation vehicles will reach 2,365, the proportion of new energy and clean energy will increase to 88%, and the number of buses will be 14 per 10,000 people. At the same time, according to the evaluation of the optimization effect of the bus line network, the bus line network structure will be continuously optimized, and the bus protection along the Jiangdong New Area, the New Seaport Area and the Intercity Express Line will be strengthened.

In recent years, Haikou has used “Internet +” to build smart buses and continue to innovate. In January of this year, the Haikou bus electronic stop sign was officially “on the job” at the Jiuzhong, Mingzhu Square, Bell Tower, City Yizhong, Friendship Shopping Center and other sites. Passengers can use the LCD notice screen of the electronic stop to know the starting status of the vehicle they are riding or Better plan your travel plan by the number of stations on this station.

Haikou will continue to exert its efforts on “Internet + Bus” and continue to accelerate the construction of the intelligent public transport system. It plans to invest 50 million yuan to build a platform and four centers. The project construction will be started before the end of the year; Alipay scan code payment and telecom wing payment are also underway. Grasp the internal test and plan to go online at the end of August. In addition, Haikou Public Transport will also vigorously promote bus travel concessions; plans to build 300 new bus electronic stop signs in the near future to provide citizens with intelligent, convenient and comfortable bus travel services.

In order to shorten the waiting time for citizens and make it easier for citizens to travel, Haikou will promote the construction of bus lanes. At present, the preliminary work such as the preparation of the feasibility study report for bus lanes and expert review has been completed. In the next step, Haikou plans to select the east-west cross-frame main road as a demonstration section for bus lanes, namely Haifu Road-Haixiu Road, Longkun North Road-Longkun South Road. After the benefits are formed, the bus road will be gradually promoted. network.

Plan to build 2,800 new charging piles

Haikou will promote the construction of the intercity express line, and use the surplus transportation capacity of the East Ring High-speed Railway to drive the suburban bus train between Haikou Station and Meilan Station. The operation length from Haikou to Meilan Section is 38.054 km, and Haikou, Changliu, Xiuying and Chengxi are set up. 6 stations including Haikou East and Meilan.

At present, there are 2,956 taxis in Haikou and 6,040 taxis. In order to facilitate the travel of citizens, the city will further improve the network service function of parade taxis, increase the launch of online taxis, research and improve cruise taxis, network taxi management systems, car rental, shared cars, Sharing the development of emerging sharing industries such as bicycles, making it a supplement to the city's public transportation, meeting the needs of different levels of travel, and solving the last mile of public transportation.

In recent years, Haikou has made active explorations in developing green and low-carbon travel. At present, the city has compiled and completed the "Special Plan for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Haikou City" and has passed the expert demonstration. It has built 1,800 charging piles, 5 urban public charging stations, 9 bus charging stations, and 3 power station replacement stations. In order to speed up the promotion of new energy vehicles, Haikou will build 2,800 new charging piles in the next step, and subsidies for new energy vehicles will be subsidized by half of the national subsidy standards.

Break through the broken road to divert traffic flow

In order to improve the road traffic management level and solve the problem of road traffic congestion in the peak urban area, the traffic police department will use the "road length system" working mechanism as a guide to increase the deployment of police forces and strengthen joint operations with other police types.

This year, Haikou plans to open a number of broken road projects such as the road network around Haikou East Railway Station, Yucai Road, Shunda Road, Nansha North Road, South Section of Coconut Road, Qiongshan Avenue and Baiji Avenue. The construction of surrounding road networks such as Haikou East Railway Station, Nansha Road, Binjiang Road and Baiji Avenue will divert traffic flow and improve the travel environment of the citizens.

In recent years, Haikou has continuously strengthened the role of the 12345 hotline “baton”, “embroidered needle” and “connected heart bridge”, from the single function of accepting people's livelihood appeals to the functions of collecting appeals, government services, wisdom management, decision support, and performance supervision. The comprehensive service platform has won recognition and praise from citizens. In the next step, Haikou will continue to speed up the integration of urban management information resources, improve and improve the 12345 government service hotline platform, further play the role of the “baton” and “embroidered needle” of the 12345 hotline, comprehensively improve the level of urban information management, and achieve departmental linkage. In the first time, we responded to the demands of the masses and provided high-quality and efficient services to the citizens, so that the people have more sense of acquisition and happiness. In terms of transportation, the Haikou 12345 hotline will further strengthen the attention to urban traffic, make a good reminder service for citizens to travel, and promptly release various types of convenience information.

In addition, the organization “Coconut City Minyun” APP provides convenience for the public from three modes: travel mode, traffic reservation and traffic information inquiry. Users can use the cloud platform to link different modes of travel such as Mobike bicycles and Didi travel. Make an appointment, no need to download the app, you can also check the real-time dynamics and real-time traffic conditions of Haikou bus, arrange travel time and route reasonably, and improve travel efficiency. Later, “Coconut City Minyun” APP will also access more convenient transportation services for the public. Provide a wider range of travel options.