Guangzhou City Require Driver Face Identification On Bus And Truck

- Aug 09, 2018-

In order to strengthen the safety supervision of "two passengers buses and one danger logistic trucks" vehicles and their drivers, effectively reduce the traffic illegal activities such as overspeed and fatigue driving, prevent and reduce all kinds of traffic accidents in an all-round way. The municipal transportation department actively implements the special funds for safety supervision from Aug 2018. From the end of the month to the end of October, the organization of more than 9400 passenger buses and coaches and logistic trucks in the city will be promoted and installed driver face identification equipment, and the real-time video surveillance management of enterprises.


In July 30th, the municipal transportation department organized the meetings of the transportation departments of the relevant districts, the city road transport industry association, the dangerous cargo transportation industry association and other units. The thematic deployment of the "two guest and one danger" key operating vehicles popularized and installed the task and requirements of driver identity identification equipment, and started the official promotion and installation work from August 1st. Do. At the same time, in order to reduce the influence on the normal operation of the transportation enterprise, the municipal transportation department will organize the installation unit to take the way of door-to-door service according to the plan, and carry out the installation and commissioning of the equipment in an orderly way after the operation of the vehicle at night, and carry out the inspection and supervision of the special person to the promotion and installation. The enterprises that have slow progress in installation work or not actively cooperate with the installation work will take the measures of interview supervision, notification and business restrictions to carry out serious treatment, ensure the completion of all the promotion and installation work on schedule and carry out the full implementation of the corresponding management of the human vehicle from November. At the appointed time, the driver who is engaged in road passenger transport and dangerous cargo transportation must first insert the card to verify that the "two passenger and one danger" operating vehicle can be driven in the rear. From the source, the "two passenger and one danger" operating vehicle without the corresponding qualification or the driver of the enterprise should be effectively eliminated. To monitor the traffic illegal activities, such as speeding, fatigue driving and so on, the management department will be integrated into the record of the driver's integrity file, and strictly control the serious illegal drivers in the "blacklist", and further enhance the information security supervision level of the "two passenger and one danger" operating vehicle in Guangzhou.